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  • The visitor was now on the landing.
  • Would the visitor leave his name?
  • Her visitor smiled very faintly.
  • His visitor nodded approvingly.
  • His visitor nodded emphatically and joyously.
  • Their visitor looked down at his torn attire.
  • The visitor gave a violent pull at the bell.
  • Behind them, their visitor continued to eat and drink.
  • When the visitor came up it was Terpy.
  • Sir Henry greeted his visitor briefly.
  • A visitor was sitting in the apartment who was also engaged in reading.
  • The visitor said nothing to this for fear of engaging a discussion.
  • This youngster gradually became an intimate visitor of the family.
  • As with the others, this conduct of their visitor jarred on the manager.
  • The visitor is glad to see the friendly word after a long trip.
  • The visitor opened the box, sniffed at its contents, and helped himself.
  • She forgave him, and Wickersham again began to be a visitor at the house.
  • He was at college with Richard, and he has been a visitor at Wood Norton.
  • The thrice-confounded creatures!" growled the visitor in a guttural voice.

How To Use Visitor In A Sentence?

  • The servant was endeavoring to make him comprehend the visitor that was at hand.
  • The visitor followed her in silence across the passage and into the opposite room.
  • He extended no welcoming salutation to his midnight visitor but simply motioned him to a chair.
  • Wickersham growled something about being very busy, and rose and bowed the visitor out.
  • The old squire had no sooner left the room than the visitor laid the first lines for his attack.
  • While my uncle was dressing, he called vaguely to mind the visitor of the preceding night.
  • The boy fetched the weapon, and according to custom preceded the visitor down the pathway.
  • Richard Horton was lying down on his berth, and started with surprise as his visitor entered.
  • Year by year he has become plumper, more rubicund and more and more of an item for the intelligent visitor to see.
  • The old woman was about to examine it, when she raised her eyes and looked straight into those of the visitor who had entered so unceremoniously.
  • Philippa drew her visitor on one side presently, and made him sit with her in a distant corner of the room.
  • He felt immensely relieved, however, to find that his visitor did not press that phase of the subject.
  • Mrs Partridge broke the silence by describing his character to the visitor as if he were a naughty child.
  • The visitor was not up to the mark in appointment, but there was that in his air and tone which Bower recognized.
  • Sir Henry shook hands with the latter and pointed to the easy-chair which his previous visitor had just vacated.
  • He fancied all kinds of mishaps, and, seizing his visitor by the sleeve, pulled it in a worried way.
  • The Squire acknowledged it casually and had soon forgotten all such things in shaking hands with the visitor who had just come ashore.
  • The young visitor was very respectful to Juliana, and spoke in particularly genteel tones when addressing her.
  • These duties fulfilled, the visitor may attach himself to whichever group in the corners of the Patio he may consider most attractive.
  • He was wholly at a loss to account, at such a time and in such a place, for a visitor in gauntleted gloves and a banded Panama hat.
  • Dancing looked from one man to the other, but McCloud appeared preoccupied and his visitor seemed wholly serious.

Definition of Visitor

Someone who visits someone else; someone staying as a guest. | Someone who pays a visit to a specific place or event; a sightseer or tourist. | (sports, usually in the plural) Someone, or a team, that is playing away from home.
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