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  • Individual self-restraint rings out in our vocabulary as nationally descriptive.
  • Thus his small vocabulary serves him at any rate for making clear his own ideas.
  • This vocabulary is, as he declared, an extremely imperfect specimen of the language.
  • The vocabulary of a talking bird is no doubt more extensive, but it is used entirely at random.
  • The dull French vocabulary suddenly became to the child a book of living imagery.
  • This is the pure Arabic word, from which the word Shroff in our local vocabulary is derived.
  • He must free his vocabulary from clumsy localisms, whether these be Americanisms or Briticisms.
  • A vocabulary of the Shetimasha, however, revealed to Gallatin no traces of such affinity.
  • And in this book John had embodied a vocabulary of the real Indian Romany dialect.
  • Together with clearness of conception and resource of vocabulary must come a certain eagerness of mood.
  • Now there is one word in the extended vocabulary of barrack-room abuse that cannot pass without comment.
  • It must not be forgotten that the hand and legs have their vocabulary also; and a very concise one.
  • The vocabulary of the telegraphic signal book provides certain words which can be signalled by a single number.
  • The sparse vocabulary and the rude idioms of the shepherd or the teamster are inadequate to the needs of the poet and of the student.
  • Afterward, when he groped through his vocabulary for a more accurate description, he could not find one.
  • Dock was a rough comforter; but he spoke such words of consolation as the occasion required and his vocabulary contained.
  • A powerful imagination may be fairly held accountable for his habit of romancing, and a brave vocabulary for some of his exaggeration.
  • She poured out her prodigal affections in kisses and caresses, and in a vocabulary of endearments whose profusion was always an astonishment to me.
  • The vocabulary of abuse is also very large, and often involves serious reflections on the female relatives of the person abused.
  • Abounding with colloquial expressions, contractions, and slang, the vocabulary is common and especially suited to the low characters.
  • Our vocabulary is defective; we give the same name to woman's lack of temptation and man's lack of opportunity.
  • The following vocabulary is presented in groups with the purpose of throwing additional light on the grade of culture the Igorot has attained.
  • Allowing a probable error of two per cent, his vocabulary would be comprised between the limits of 34,125 words and 32,787 words.
  • Edited with notes & vocabulary by John M. Hill & Mabel Margaret Harlan.
  • Mr. Curtin obtained a good vocabulary and much valuable information relative to the former habitat and history of the tribe.
  • For him, therefore, a large class of conceptions, an extensive portion of the vocabulary of his language, remains empty sound.
  • SEE Elliott, Harriet A. Pocket self-pronouncing dictionary & vocabulary builder.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Vocabulary | Vocabulary Sentence

  • Was his vocabulary good?
  • The vocabulary is more extended than in other lexicons.
  • Situated actions in the vocabulary of motives.
  • John's vocabulary surprised him.
  • The words of the vocabulary are distinguished by an appropriate type.
  • The vocabulary is different but the syntax and phonemes are nearly identical.
  • I have been able to introduce into his vocabulary only one new word.
  • To it is referred a vocabulary of Tolmie's.
  • The paucity of vocabulary of even the average adult, he said, is lamentable.
  • Unless I give you a vocabulary you may not be able to follow him.
  • Thus far the Romany vocabulary field has been merely scratched over.
  • NM: introd., biography, notes, vocabulary & front endleaf map.
  • Edited with introductions, notes & vocabulary by Eugene Jay Sheffer.

Definition of Vocabulary

A usually alphabetized and explained collection of words e.g. of a particular field, or prepared for a specific purpose, often for learning. | The collection of words a person knows and uses. | The stock of words used in a particular field.
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