Vocal in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Vocal

1. In breeding males the vocal sac is orange tan. 🔊

2. Time, its importance in vocal expression, 79-82. 🔊

3. The eighteenth century is vocal on the canvases of her great painters. 🔊

4. This seems to be especially true in the matter of vocal cultivation. 🔊

5. Such reading of high poetry is the extreme merit of vocal expression. 🔊

6. Conversation is not a verbal nor vocal contest, but a mutual meeting of minds. 🔊

7. Section through larynx and windpipe, showing muscles and vocal cords 9. 🔊

8. Nervousness, anxiety, or unusual mental exertion may cause a vocal breakdown. 🔊

How to use Vocal in Sentences?

1. No one who has to speak in public should be discouraged because of limited vocal resources. 🔊

2. There is a duty devolving upon everyone to cultivate beauty of vocal utterance and diction. 🔊

3. Their lungs were exercised thereby, but the bawling did nothing for their vocal training. 🔊

4. Voice is sound vibration produced by the vocal cords, these being two ligaments in the larynx. 🔊

5. The requisite vocal cultivation on the part of the student is, of course, presumed. 🔊

6. The instrumentes of the mouth, quherbe the vocal soundes be broaken, be in number seven. 🔊

7. With bending lip awakes the vocal reeds, And the charmed ears of listening satyrs feeds. 🔊

8. There was none of that conceited arrogance behind which most of the vocal celebrities hide themselves. 🔊

9. He should always know what his vocal exercises are for, what relation they have to the interpreting and symbolizing of thought and feeling. 🔊