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  • He sought above everything to catch the trend of inarticulate rather than vociferous opinion.
  • He of course expressed great penitence, and was vociferous in promises of amendment.
  • They had broken up into little groups, gathered about their own vociferous stump-orators.
  • He sneezed again, a most vociferous roar of sound, quite involuntary and spasmodic.
  • There was no doubt of it, the Spaniards had halted after their vociferous cheers.
  • Both Dick and Phil started to make a vociferous protest but were quickly silenced by Garry.
  • Moreover, the last people who had a right to complain of it were those who were most vociferous in their opposition.
  • Indifferent song followed indifferent song, and each earned a more vociferous encore from those gay young gods.
  • As he approached it, two or three mongrel curs ran out and barked vociferous defiance, but he did not heed them.
  • The audience suddenly saw the joke then, and became vociferous and hysterical in their applause; but it was a narrow escape.
  • There are many things in life that remind me of fog horns; there are many occasions that beat upon the soul with just such vociferous clamor.
  • Bertie himself, however, was not so vociferous as usual, and when his sisters suggested going inside said that he was quite happy where he was.
  • The streets began to fill with loiterers, talkers, and watchers; barrack-rooms were vociferous with grumbling and with speculation.
  • It was crowded to the doors with vociferous French soldiers, very weary and very dirty, and all clamoring to be served at once.
  • The sad little strain produced a few moments of silence, and then again, after vociferous plaudits for the maiden, the uproar broke forth.
  • He stopped speaking, stepped back on to the hearth-rug, and then addressed the loudly vociferous Turnbull.
  • Nippers asked of an oiler who stood, nonchalant, somewhat contemptuous, looking over the side at the seething, vociferous cattlemen.
  • The little family stayed up that night until the return of Bud and the Boarder who were vociferous in approval of the service.
  • Everybody was vociferous in condemnation, but Bobby, unabashed, held his ground, and logically defended his action.
  • Nanteuil had a great success which was marked less by vociferous calls before the curtain than by the deeper and more discreet approval of discriminating playgoers.
  • This nearly silent, but expressive intercourse, was soon interrupted by a vociferous Haloo! from a distant part of the wood.
  • Slugger Jones, surrounded by a contesting, vociferous mass, suddenly swept them aside and began to take the vote of the officials.
  • We reminded ourselves and each other of the lads we had left to bear the brunt, and we started our humdrum days with vociferous jocosity in the wash-house.
  • The danger in the places where men toil is not that God is denied with a vociferous atheism; it is that He is ignored by an unvoiced indifference.
  • Abe, the waiter, was just about swamped, and Ikey and Frenchy volunteered to help him serve the vociferous crew.
  • Next morning (Monday, 16th), the streets were already crowded at an early hour with an anxious, vociferous crowd.
  • A vociferous outcry was of course heard; the courts were appealed to; and the result of what promises to be a long and costly litigation remains to be seen.
  • It was pitch dark, more from the cloudiness of the night than the lateness of the hour: and a considerable time elapsed before the vociferous demand for lights was answered.
  • Once or twice we were stopped and questioned; but a few cabalistic words from our leader solved all difficulties, and we were allowed to proceed amidst general and vociferous applause.
  • Through the darkness, by the aid of a lantern, we picked our way, as with theories numerous and ingenious we strove to account for that vociferous reception.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Vociferous | Vociferous Sentence

  • Hammer entered vociferous objections.
  • The great hall rang with loud and vociferous cheers.
  • This mouse is most vociferous when young or when about to go into hibernation.
  • There was one vociferous exclamation of surprise and delight.
  • The usually vociferous voice seems to have been utterly hushed.
  • His garb was quiet; there was an utter absence of vociferous jewelry.
  • He sat down amid vociferous cries of "Hear!
  • That sudden, unexpected order struck dumb the vociferous Fortemani.
  • The Italians are a vociferous people, and most so among them the Florentines.
  • ANSTRUTHER sat down amidst vociferous applause.

Definition of Vociferous

Making or characterized by a noisy outcry; clamorous.
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