Voicing in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Voicing

1. She shrank from voicing the truth. 🔊

2. Suddenly he spoke, haltingly, voicing her own conviction. 🔊

3. Ugo Bassi had kissed it, voicing the sentiment of many. 🔊

4. He struggled with Dick, voicing sundry curses. 🔊

5. Therefore he compromised by voicing the respect and looking the other way. 🔊

6. They had all seen it; the speaker was voicing the common feeling. 🔊

7. The echoes bound to a joyful sound, But shrink from voicing care. 🔊

How to use Voicing in Sentences?

1. The method he had chosen for voicing his opinion had no revolutionary element in it. 🔊

2. She was voicing his own thought, a thought which had been with him for many days. 🔊

3. In its note there was a trembling fear, the voicing of a thing that had grown into hopelessness. 🔊

4. They refuse to be consistently subjective, they insist on voicing the thoughts of others. 🔊

5. A true spondee must be made by voicing two syllables in equal time, and each without stress. 🔊

6. Between them there has even grown up a tone of mutual contradiction, the voicing of their complaints against one another. 🔊

7. I'd fallen into the easy castmember mode of speaking, voicing bland affirmations. 🔊

8. He was almost voicing his thoughts to himself alone, for his friendship with the Duchess was so old that her presence was no inhibition. 🔊

9. The words reveal the thought; your valuation of that thought, as you interpret it, is revealed through your vocal vocabulary in voicing it. 🔊

10. And one night toward the end of the week the latter finally reached the point of voicing for their ears a decision which was old in anticipation to them. 🔊

11. Long clay pipes clouded the candle-light; there was the jingle of gold and the purr of shuffling cards; and here and there were some given to the voicing of ribald songs. 🔊