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  • But as to his mother she is not as volatile as all that.
  • This will give the amount of volatile acid formation.
  • And what or volatile Miss Gripps?
  • With some persuasion the volatile child was induced to attempt the task.
  • Jacqueline's volatile thoughts had taken a new direction.
  • Holding his fingers to his nostrils he could faintly smell the volatile fluid.
  • They were a crowd of Frenchmen, volatile and full of potential fury.

How To Use Volatile In A Sentence?

  • Here it is plain this sal is so volatile as to be raised and fly away by heat.
  • The more volatile part that came over first contained the flavor and most of the alcohol.
  • Pasteurization also drives off some of the volatile by-products of the first acid fermentation.
  • Being volatile with steam, the vapor which escapes from these springs has some boric acid in it.
  • The steam contains the aroma or fine volatile oil and essentials which pass into the air.
  • Above all things, it contains the volatile principle, which the prescriptions have not got.
  • Rapid boiling destroys the fine aroma and volatile oils, which escape in the steam.
  • Peter detected a tiny glass vial spilling out its dark, volatile fluid upon the dust.
  • But the little maid, volatile and childish, could not endure life without bread.
  • Here were vats of liquid helium, used in Collins engines to refrigerate the volatile rocket fuel.
  • Indeed, of the two he preferred, perhaps, the silent, solid Cayley to the more volatile Mark.
  • Alcohol has the disadvantage of being less volatile than gasoline so it is hard to start up the engine from the cold.
  • The second process is the melting of the collected resin in a still and the drawing off of the volatile turpentine.
  • The most wonderful instance of chemical detonation is formed by the combination of volatile alkali with silver.
  • In such an event there are several poisons of a volatile character which give off fumes so deadly that no insect can live in them.
  • Devar had the nimble wits of a fox, and the blood which raced in his veins was volatile as quicksilver.
  • She could be serious and she could be volatile and she could be something between which he could never quite make out.
  • Confidences were shy and volatile things that could not be delivered in a hurry or hastily fitted into the chinks of a busy day.
  • The volatile essence of the evaporating fluid was instantly inhaled, and produced a reviving effect.
  • With such volatile elements to work in, 'tis no wonder if our estimates are loose and floating.
  • The result of a high temperature would be the possibility of volatile tarry matter being driven in excess to the upper chamber.
  • Put into a decanter volatile spirit, in which you have dissolved copper filings, and it will produce a fine blue.
  • There were many volatile incidents which, if treated with less judgment than his, might do grievous harm.
  • The stench is volatile and soon disappears; while settler's noses get used to it in a measure.
  • But you know her disposition is naturally volatile in the extreme, and much of her future character will depend on her future guides.
  • All those parts and fire are extinguished; those volatile salts are evaporated; that first eloquence of the world is dumb!
  • In September he found that the flask was filled with a solid mass of real rubber instead of the volatile colorless liquid he had put into it.
  • Now, as rivals for the interest of the volatile Betty, their smoldering hate flamed forth lurid and deathless.
  • Man seeks in man his fellow, but in woman his contrary; and I am too volatile to be touched by a creature as thoughtless as myself.
  • Austin watched Fidelia quietly during this time, wondering a little where the charm was which had caught the heart of his volatile little daughter.
  • The only method which can be employed advantageously is that of washing out the grease by means of benzoline, or some of the allied volatile mineral oils.
  • The process employed consists essentially in first solidifying the least volatile part of the air and then causing it to evaporate with extreme slowness.
  • All those who know the savages will understand it; it is in the fickle character of these children of the woods, a character more unstable and volatile than that of infants.

Definition of Volatile

(physics) evaporating or vaporizing readily under normal conditions. | (of a substance, informal) explosive. | (of a price etc) variable or erratic.
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