Volubility In A Sentence

How To Use Volubility In A Sentence?

  • He rolled out these words with a volubility and an enthusiasm that surprised me.
  • One of the men in the above-mentioned dispute had an irrepressible volubility of assertion.
  • He spoke with a degree of volubility which, under the circumstances, was remarkable.
  • His eyes wandered; her volubility shook a sort of sweetness out of the friend's silence.
  • With all his volubility the man took responsibility heavily, and these strange bronze men with their cruel eyes and impassive faces were his wards.
  • Jamie's eyes glistened, but his volubility was checked; he felt his friend's thought of him too deeply.
  • Serjeant Buzfuz, who had proceeded with such volubility that his face was perfectly crimson, here paused for breath.
  • The English peasant shares the same reluctance, though his slower nature is incapable of expressing it with the same volubility of anguish.
  • These he forthwith began to extol with an amazing volubility of well-sounding words and an ingenuity of praise that won him my heart as being myself one of the most merciful of critics.
  • But before Nucky could continue his cursing, the Italian broke in with a volubility of oaths that reduced the boy to sullen silence.
  • Born a Gascon but bred a Norman, he grafted upon his southern volubility the cunning of the Cauchois.
  • She turned on at once the tap of her volubility and I was not surprised to learn that the grandee had not done such an extraordinary thing as to call upon me in person.
  • He had addressed her with great volubility and earnestness upon his belief that now they were married, she must get rid of all her virginal book-learned notions about reticence between husband and wife.
  • She was out of the room before Durham could answer, but he heard her calling for her ancient retainer and giving him instructions with the same volubility that she had shown when speaking to him.
  • But it is one thing to sit and look on at a play and to be entertained by the comic relief of some voluble character, and quite another to encounter that volubility at full pressure in private life.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Volubility | Volubility Sentence

  • Her usual calm volubility seemed to have deserted her.
  • But his volubility seemed to die suddenly away.
  • He lacked boldness, volubility and vital energy.

Definition of Volubility

(uncountable) the state of being voluble | (countable) the degree to which someone is voluble
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