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  • He shut the volume and restored it to its place.
  • More numbers will appear in volume 15.
  • More numbers will appear in volume 14.
  • More numbers will appear in volume 12.
  • The volume is rich with the personality of Myrtle Reed.
  • I can't get this volume down.
  • What a volume of wit and wisdom is contained in the proverbs and aphorisms.
  • Any lad reading one volume of this series will surely want the others.
  • I counseled him, as he stooped down to take the bulky volume from my arms.
  • Her dress was of an ancient fashion, ample in volume and sweeping the floor.
  • It was like a riot, an insurrection; it was an intolerable volume of noise.
  • Illustrated by Gustave Dore Volume 5.
  • Reprinted in the Appendix to the volume edited by Professor Brewer.
  • Each Volume contains 8 Illustrations reproduced from the Originals.
  • It does not appear how the volume came into Pepys's possession.

How To Use Volume In A Sentence?

  • There was a volume and compass about it which can never be reached in a concert room.
  • Over the brink a cataract was falling, that grew in volume with each passing moment.
  • I used to take a volume of poetry in my hand, and stroll up and down this walk for hours.
  • The documents here mentioned are given by Navarrete in the appendix to volume iv, at pp.
  • A small copper wire, however, may fuse at the same volume of current as a larger lead alloy wire.
  • He seems to have published one volume of poetry in 1859, but most of his works are still in MS.
  • Each volume is finely printed and bound; 16mo, cloth, gilt tops, price, $1.00.
  • The useful but too appreciative volume by his son, John Romney, was a counterblast to Hayley.
  • To write a consecutive and connected history of these atrocities would be to compile a volume of horrors.
  • The decrease in the volume of work admits of telegraphists aiding their brother officers on the postal side.
  • The size and tension of the vocal cords and the volume and the velocity of the air from the lungs control the tones of the voice.
  • But throw into the same pool a piece of cork and it will rise, because it is lighter in proportion to its volume than water.
  • Therefore any object placed in the air which weighs less in proportion to its volume than the atmosphere, is bound to rise.
  • In the pages of the smaller volume they will find the system epitomised simply and delightfully in nine propositions under the following heads.
  • The page numbers of this volume will be found at the bottom of the pages; the numbers at the top refer only to the section.
  • Fuller details regarding this work will appear in the volume devoted to bibliography, which will be published at the end of this series.
  • This has been handed down to us complete, and this, too, is for the first time printed in the volume before us.
  • That is to say, he undertook to criticise and find fault with the great volume of nature, before he had even learned its alphabet.
  • There was another copy in the house, and though this volume was a favourite, she said it was time we learnt to take care of valuable books.
  • It gives in the compass of one volume an account of the History of those beautiful monuments of former days ...
  • As the doors unclosed a sweet melody floated on the air, increased in volume for a brief space, then grew fainter and died away.
  • They kept me in my room, unclothed, and in persistent pain for two weeks, with no company but cigars and the little volume of poems.
  • As the gas rushes in, the envelope commences to swell; it grows larger and larger, displacing a greater volume of air every moment.
  • A posthumous volume was published in 1888, 'Oriau Olaf' (Isaac Foulkes, Liverpool).
  • In Mr. Stoddard's volume we have a poet selecting such poems as illustrate the loves of the poets.

Definition of Volume

(intransitive) To be conveyed through the air, waft. | (transitive) To cause to move through the air, waft. | (intransitive) To swell.
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