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How To Use Volumes In A Sentence?

  • He took down from the shelves that overshadowed it three or four volumes in succession.
  • It will be noted that the relation between these volumes may be expressed by whole numbers.
  • The last two volumes will be devoted to the most recent of contemporary authors.
  • One volume of water under ordinary conditions dissolves about three volumes of chlorine.
  • The relative weights of equal volumes of two gases can be easily determined.
  • Under standard conditions 1 volume of water dissolves about 500 volumes of the gas.
  • Under standard conditions 1 volume of water dissolves about 460 volumes of the gas.
  • From hence, between the dense volumes of smoke, the huge cavity is visible to a depth of 600 feet.
  • Whole volumes of rapture around him are heard, But he keeps his counsel and says not a word.
  • Reduce the following volumes to 0 deg., the pressure remaining constant: (a) 150 cc. at 10 deg.
  • We have no idea that he will ever be able to refute the volumes that have been written to confound him.
  • The last two volumes will be in charge of Professor Julius Petersen of the University of Basel.
  • Hence the volumes of the hydrogen and oxygen and of the residual gas may be read off from the tube and directly compared.
  • This is taken as the standard pressure in determining the volumes of gases as well as the boiling points of liquids.
  • This fact speaks volumes for their greater prosperity and for the influence which association with a proud race has on the poorest people.
  • Great sums of money and enormous volumes of boasting had been expended on airplane construction without getting any airplanes.
  • Other experiments show that the volume of hydrochloric acid formed is just equal to the sum of the volumes of hydrogen and chlorine.
  • All these methods agree in showing that 100 volumes of dry air contain approximately 21 volumes of oxygen.
  • When measured volumes of the two gases are caused to unite it is found that one volume of hydrogen combines with one of chlorine.
  • Bromine is somewhat soluble in water, 100 volumes of water under ordinary conditions dissolving 1 volume of the liquid.
  • It speaks volumes for the integrity of Luther that both sides were willing to permit him to arbitrate their differences.
  • In the free state it occurs in the air, 100 volumes of dry air containing about 21 volumes of oxygen.
  • Only in touches, kisses and embraces, and the volumes of thought that passed between them, did they say anything.
  • Fitchett has achieved a real success, and the boy who cannot read these volumes with pleasure (and profit) is hopeless.
  • Hence 2 volumes of acetylene will react with 5 volumes of oxygen to form 4 volumes of carbon dioxide and 2 volumes of steam.
  • The conversion of oxygen into ozone is attended by a change in volume, 3 volumes of oxygen forming 2 volumes of ozone.
  • Accurate measurement has shown that when ammonia is decomposed, two volumes of the gas yield one volume of nitrogen and three volumes of hydrogen.
  • Its success was so great that, during his lifetime, thirty thousand volumes were printed, which in that day was little short of marvellous.
  • He published two small volumes in his lifetime, "Fy Noswyl" in 1861, and "Y Geninen" in 1869.
  • The amount present in the open normal air is from 3 to 4 parts by volume in 10,000 volumes of air, or about 0.04%.
  • It speaks vast volumes for the cleverness of gypsies that they can actually make a living by trading horses in New Spain.
  • Reduce the following volumes to standard conditions of pressure, the temperature remaining constant: (a) 200 cc. at 740 mm.
  • That Herron, with not more than half that number, had held the enemy at bay for three hours, speaks volumes for the valor of his weary men.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Volumes | Volumes Sentence

  • Other volumes in preparation.
  • The eighth and ninth volumes followed only in 1848.
  • Three Volumes are now ready.
  • The volumes begin May and November of each year.
  • The Volumes containing Joshua and Judges.
  • A Cloth Case to contain Twelve Volumes can be had price 2s.
  • In the adjoining room, volumes reached from floor to ceiling, from end to end.

Definition of Volumes

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of volume | plural of volume.
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