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  • A volunteer rejected.
  • That was a volunteer visit.
  • Classes for volunteer aids are being formed.
  • Surely, it would be better to volunteer than this.
  • Second, we are getting more trained volunteer workers.
  • The following are army, navy or volunteer aviators.
  • They would not volunteer under their Chief.
  • I should not volunteer it, if I were you.
  • Classes for Volunteer Aids.
  • He was a volunteer with the French in Algiers in 1839-40.
  • For him pity is promptly engendered and volunteer aid is enlisted.
  • I'm convinced that a volunteer story is worth nothing.
  • The volunteer messengers could not have asked for a better night.
  • And he asked who would volunteer to follow two leaders in separate lines.
  • No one will volunteer to work for the enrichment of your Rothschild.
  • I'm to be in the 200th Volunteer Infantry.
  • The Flying Tigers; the story of the American volunteer group.

How To Use Volunteer In A Sentence?

  • It may be said to volunteer experiments in government for the benefit of mankind.
  • The physician adjusted his eyeglasses and looked the volunteer nurse over keenly.
  • It was a service of extreme peril, and a volunteer was called for to perform it.
  • Not to volunteer aid when unintentional suicide is going on seems nothing less than criminal.
  • He tore frantically away to the pump and the three captains joined the crowd of volunteer firemen.
  • Johnson called for a volunteer to carry a letter of warning to Colonel Blanchard.
  • The colony possessed a Volunteer Rifle Company, some 120 strong, and two nine-pounder field-guns.
  • But one of my first questions to him, had been the mode of his escape on the night of our volunteer reconnoisance.
  • The past few months have seen an increase in this volunteer service which a year ago we should never have deemed possible.
  • A man must have something individual to his character to volunteer for the service, and every officer is a volunteer.
  • The crowd thought at first that the volunteer troops were coming to uphold their own side, but were soon undeceived.
  • Suppose, instead of this volunteer marching and countermarching, you were to do a little volunteer ploughing and counterploughing?
  • These associations have sprung up freely, recruiting volunteer adherents, and have nought in common with governments.
  • Some of the disciples urged Ananda to volunteer his services; but out of modesty he remained silent.
  • How, too, at a moment when concealment appeared to her to be existence, come forward, a volunteer to public notice?
  • There is, however, a special volunteer corps of about 36 private aviators, bringing the available total to 108 or thereabouts.
  • You must get photographed at Slowburgh in a lot of different positions, and in your cadet uniform and your volunteer rig when you get it.
  • Captain Hall at once entered James's name as a volunteer on the roll of his company.
  • Washington, in spite of being the commander-in-chief of the Virginia forces, had his wish of going as a volunteer at his own expense.
  • By the time he reached Crieff, however, not a single volunteer had come in, and the stand of arms was sent back.
  • To do difficult things, without knowing how; that is, to learn how in the doing, was the universal task of the Union volunteer officer.
  • The struggle was a desperate one and the volunteer army was composed of men who were citizens before they were soldiers and they remained citizens when they became soldiers.
  • The French press was following the English recruiting campaign very closely, and the system of volunteer service was not without its critics.

Definition of Volunteer

(intransitive) To enlist oneself as a volunteer. | (transitive, intransitive) To do or offer to do something voluntarily. | (transitive) To offer, usually unprompted.
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