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  • He who does not restrain voluptuousness is in the category of the beasts.
  • The sight of his form troubled the voluptuousness of this mediation.

How To Use Voluptuousness In A Sentence?

  • Colour with them was dictated by the demands of an age of voluptuousness and unrestrained living.
  • The country around him was enough to awaken that voluptuousness of feeling so favourable to the growth of passion.
  • Sometimes it harmonizes for brief moments voluptuousness and idealism, but neither side ever wins and the struggle never ceases.
  • They accompanied their voices with the forte-piano, and sung a thousand buffo songs, with all that gay voluptuousness for which their country is renowned.
  • Many of the varied productions of this prolific and sensual novelist bear testimony to his African origin, in their savage voluptuousness and barbaric taste.
  • Chaste and pure herself, she considered the court of France a hotbed of voluptuousness and debauchery, and at every opportunity strengthened herself against its possible influence.
  • The two we chose screamed for joy, kissed us with a voluptuousness which a novice might have mistaken for love, and took us to the garden until dinner would be ready.
  • Horizons of tranquil voluptuousness in a chalet at the side of a lake opened out under the footsteps of the Swiss girl, who waltzed with her bust erect and her eyelashes drooping.

Definition of Voluptuousness

sensuality; the quality of being sensuous | sexuality; the quality of being sensual
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