Vouchers In A Sentence

Definition of Vouchers

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of voucher | plural of voucher

How To Use Vouchers In A Sentence?

  • The abstracts and contracts will be the vouchers for the settlement of the accounts.
  • The accounts and vouchers themselves should be placed and forwarded in the order in which entered.
  • On these occasions many of the great ladies give vouchers and attend the balls.
  • They received money from all comers, and gave vouchers for the amounts transmitted through them.
  • Robb saw the debit slip among the charges vouchers lying in the cash-book dish.
  • What more could Battisford desire in the way of vouchers for his respectability?
  • Then, drawing a bundle of Cook's vouchers from his pocket, 'Take these in case anything happens.
  • It was the sort of package which might be expected to contain the vouchers of some claimant or subordinate official.
  • And are the forty-seven thousand francs of these vouchers actually worth forty-seven thousand francs?
  • She shall make an annual report and produce the vouchers which shall be submitted to an auditor at least one week before the annual meeting.
  • Not only do they find that I have regular connected accounts of everything, but that these are supported by vouchers and receipts.
  • The grand old halls scattered up and down in England are dumb vouchers to the state and broad hospitality of their ancient lords.
  • If, after return, vouchers can be shown that the sum guaranteed has been spent according to regulations, he is reimbursed in due course.
  • The vouchers for telegraph accounts should bear your certificate that all the telegrams charged for have been sent and received on official business.
  • Dealers pass their debit and credit vouchers into the Cotton Bank and pay or receive the balances which they owe or are entitled to.
  • The distances entered in the vouchers or receipts for Mail Services should, agree with the distances entered in the variation returns.
  • But this accusation is refuted by the two letters, of which vouchers are given in the Lockhart Papers, on which the allegation is founded.
  • A conscientious bankclerk cannot look on a heap of accumulated work with indifference; when he is also ambitious he rolls up his sleeves and forgets everything in the debris of vouchers and figures.
  • In 1917 there were 544 County vouchers totaling $270,162.37, and in 1918, 410 vouchers totaling $439,562.79.
  • The borough treasurer is required to make up his accounts half-yearly, and to submit them, with the necessary vouchers and papers, to the borough auditors.
  • The vouchers for travelling expenses claimed by officers not entitled to a per diem allowance, should bear your certificate that the amount claimed is the amount of the actual expenses incurred.
  • All vouchers drawn from the counties for co-operative work or projects over which the Commission has supervision, are also audited in this department.
  • Some ball committees arrange that vouchers are to be given by lady patronesses, to be subsequently exchanged for tickets, signed and filled in with the name of the person to whom the ticket is given.
  • Garry patiently sorted the vouchers and balanced the check book while Kenny in frenzied consideration of a new complication roved around the studio and smoked.
  • When ladies consent to become lady patronesses of a ball, they usually notify to the committee whether they will or will not undertake the duty of giving vouchers or tickets, as the case may be.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Vouchers | Vouchers Sentence

  • They served no end, but as vouchers for the truth of the tale.
  • What's to prevent my goin' south when the vouchers is cashed?
  • A total of all such vouchers for the biennium aggregating $3,597,982.84.
  • I accompanied it with vouchers for my credibility signed by Hon.

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