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  • Every door was wadded to keep draughts and ideas out.
  • Above was a sky of silk wadded with films of white cotton.
  • A canvas cot and a wadded comfortable would be luxury to any of them.
  • Bob pulled a big wadded handkerchief out of one of his pockets.

How To Use Wadded In A Sentence?

  • She now appeared with a bonnet, and a wadded cloak which her master had given her.
  • Her fingers plucked, trembling, at the embroidered hem of a white, wadded handkerchief.
  • And I went on and eppisoded to myself to bring myself up to the mark as I wadded up my back hair.
  • By the end of a week his garments were wadded with bank notes whose value amounted to a sum so stupendous as to be beyond need of computation.
  • When very chilly after removal of outside wraps, or from any other cause, try a wadded dressing-gown over the usual clothing.
  • She buried her face in the soft counterpane of wadded silk; she remained there a long time, with a kind of aversion to lifting it again to the day.
  • For reply, Ruth Pemberton furtively wadded the poor rejected cambric into a ball about the size of a buckshot, and dropped it overboard again.
  • The window was of triple glass that would have deadened an explosion on its sill, and the walls were thickly wadded behind an inner paneling of aromatic pine.
  • When they sleep they strip to the skin, and wrap themselves in a single wadded blanket, sleeping the sleep of the tired people their excessive labor makes them.
  • This time, as casually as he was able, the doctor glanced at Brenton, and his glance caught Brenton stuffing a wadded handkerchief into his pocket.
  • They place in the middle of the room a pan of burning charcoal under a sort of table or frame which holds up a large wadded quilt that reaches the floor on all sides, like a tent.
  • His extra shirt, instead of being wadded into the fore-end of the saddlebag on top of a pair of socks, had been stuffed into the hinder end on top of a pair of underdrawers.

Definition of Wadded

simple past tense and past participle of wad
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