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How To Use Wade In A Sentence?

  • Are there not occasions when it is absolutely necessary to wade through evil to good?
  • We cannot get to ourselves, there are so many external comforts to wade through.
  • You can wade all around it, count a hundred little crabs running up and down over the top of it.
  • They were able to wade out unto the islet & thereon hid they themselves among the reeds.
  • They wade into inundated swamps and climb to the timber line on arid, rocky mountain-sides.
  • Forbade to wade through slaughter to a throne, And shut the gates of mercy on mankind.
  • Let my confounding plots but goe before, And thou shalt wade up to the chin in gore.
  • At high tide the sea there was deep; but at low tide I could wade out of it and be safe.
  • Speed to Colonel Wade as fast as your legs can carry you, and get a score of men.
  • On his appearance Wade ceased, and every eye was turned upon the messenger from London.
  • As they turned to go it slipped from her shoulders, and Mr. Wade sprang forward to replace it.
  • The grasse greene pavement shall be drownd in blood, And yet Ile wade to kill her in the flood.
  • After 1942 more adequate records were kept by Chief Ranger Wade and other Park Service personnel.
  • She tried to wade out and get it, and had to be held by her very short skirts lest she drown in the attempt.
  • I stood naked on the water's edge, ready to wade out for my swim back to my island.
  • Then the giant fled and the knight after him, and so he drove him into a water, but the giant was so high that he might not wade after him.
  • What a crisp noise the dead leaves make as the children wade and splash and tumble through the heaps that the gardeners have swept together.
  • Many postmen were compelled to wade through the water waist deep, whilst others had to be driven through in horse and cart.
  • The Scotch regiments have lost their shoes and spats and wade barefoot in the water-logged trenches.
  • Having no small boat, we had to wade ashore and carry the women, Coutlass attending to his own inamorata.
  • It was rarely that I was abroad later than two in the morning, and my first business was to wade out thigh-deep into the purple heather.
  • But soon hunger descended again and the oyster beds would have been the natural recourse if it had not been winter and the water too cold to wade in.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Wade | Wade Sentence

  • Kate never went round when she could wade across.
  • We could see the boys jump over the side and wade ashore.
  • I wonder just how old Judge Wade is?
  • Mr. Wade at the same time, made it known to Hon.
  • I wish a spark had set off Benton Wade and Henrietta, too.
  • Unhappy those who wade through them for increasing the happiness of others!
  • You wade out among the rocks until you catch sight of an abalone.
  • Then we had to wade into the green water with the net in front of us.
  • You don't need to wade a little ditch like that!
  • Some of them had to wade through water, which in places was knee-deep.
  • Then he ran down the shore a dozen paces, and started to wade into the river.
  • He used to wade through a ton of solid, scrapping, plunging flesh.
  • Through blood and tears ... he would wade to Boarzell, and conquer it at last.
  • The eight gentlemen leaped from their carriages and put Mr. Wade in command.
  • You'll wade through bog and fight your way through underbrush.
  • Perhaps we can touch bottom, and you can wade if you can't swim.
  • They'd be hitting the trail for Dawson if they had to wade through hell-fire.
  • I'm in my Waterloo an' must just wade across an' shake myself.

Definition of Wade

(intransitive) to walk through water or something that impedes progress. | (intransitive) to progress with difficulty | (transitive) to walk through (water or similar impediment); to pass through by wading
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