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  • Shadowy voices will be wafted from the dark.
  • The unpleasantness wafted heavily.
  • Sweet strange scents were wafted in from under the silken hangings.
  • The effluvium of a neighbouring bleaching works was wafted to their nostrils.
  • What thoughts have not been wafted to her pale, yet luminous disk?
  • Suddenly from the bastion of the Acropolis above wafted new music.
  • Scraps of the discussion wafted to Barcroft's ears.
  • The odour of petrol vapour wafted to Barcroft's nostrils.
  • Nan, with the air of there being no more to do, wafted Dick away with her.

How To Use Wafted In A Sentence?

  • Their glory has not been wafted over oceans of blood to the remotest regions of the earth.
  • From the park the vague, dreamy fragrance of the fading white rocket was wafted into the room.
  • A light wind wafted him ashore, and he lay for a long time motionless on the warm sand.
  • Every time he was alone he was wafted away to Egypt and set down at that Pyramid.
  • Odours agreeable to Bakhtiari noses are wafted down to my tent, but I do not find them appetising.
  • Its 'hail' Caesarean eagle need not bring; Thy 'hail' comes wafted on a whiter wing.
  • Ruth's kiss came wafted to him from the shadows where her great eyes were burning like stars.
  • On the wave of an emotion generated by a thousand hearts no soul shall again be wafted heavenward in that green place.
  • I laid the telegram before her, and she looked at it with a pretty shake of the head which wafted to me some faint and pleasant scent.
  • The fragrant breath of the spring night was wafted towards them, fanning their youthful faces caressingly.
  • Not a pure breath have ye breathed, nor hath the breeze of detachment been wafted from the meadows of your hearts.
  • The evening breeze wafted down the sweet scent of the elder blossoms, and a delicious languor overcame him.
  • An occasional low growl and a snarl were wafted by the breeze toward them, where they were concealed among the great trees.
  • Fragrant as violets, soft as the ghost of a kiss, the little curl wafted its dearness into his senses.
  • A few young animals were gazing at the hanging festoons of honeysuckle, and seemed to enjoy the balmy air that wafted from them.
  • At one side of the room was a lunch-counter, from which the odor of newly-made coffee was wafted to him in the most tantalizing manner.
  • The airs wafted to these mountains from the distant Mediterranean diffused a great chilliness as the night advanced.
  • Cooking smells, the sour odor of fish-and-rice chow, were wafted from the braziers of village housewives.
  • The swift running steamer started that afternoon on her voyage, which soon wafted my body beyond the tyrannical limits of chattel slavery.
  • There was a smell of new-mown hay from the distant meadows, and of blooming roses from the beds below, wafted up together to my window.
  • Yellow butterflies flutter about in the sunshine, singly, by pairs, or more, and are wafted on the gentle gales.
  • An odour of resinous gum is wafted from them, and upon one of the slender sprays a pair of diminutive goldcrests have hung their procreant cradle.
  • Then she passed swiftly away, and my hair stood up on my head, while the cold breeze from her white dress was wafted to my temples as she moved.
  • Vague tales of succour were wafted from France, but the conspirators knew better now than to lean on broken reeds.
  • Many a dawn hath the breeze of My loving-kindness wafted over thee and found thee upon the bed of heedlessness fast asleep.
  • Many a dawn hath the breeze of My loving-kindness wafted over thee and found thee upon the bed of heedlessness fast asleep.
  • A few minutes later, the Victoria slowly ascended and soared away to the eastward, wafted by a moderate wind.
  • The north wind wafted him through the seas, till he crossed the ocean, and came to the sacred woods of Proserpine.
  • I looked forth, and saw that I was again wafted along the lower currents of air, and could easily distinguish the sights and sounds of earth.
  • He would ascertain in time, and until he did so it was pleasant to reflect that some one within the villa was interested in his coming and had wafted him this welcome.
  • As it vanished the sound of music was wafted from within; John Steele listened; they were beginning once more to dance.

Definition of Wafted

simple past tense and past participle of waft

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