Waged In A Sentence

Definition of Waged

simple past tense and past participle of wage

How To Use Waged In A Sentence?

  • And down into the awful persecution being waged comes an encouraging voice from heaven.
  • Much controversy has been waged over the historical problems connected with this disturbed age.
  • It was openly set forth that the war was not waged for the extermination of slavery.
  • With his last breath he had said that he had long waged war against his conscience.
  • A campaign was waged also to bring about greater censorship of motion pictures.
  • War must be waged against rats and mice, or they will multiply and loot everything.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Waged | Waged Sentence

  • Violence and war waged on.
  • Then the fight waged furiously.
  • They waged stout war.
  • It was afterward successfully waged for independence.
  • He waged war remorselessly against shoes.
  • The war waged there was in the interests of religion.
  • It waged war upon human nature.
  • It waged war upon human nature.
  • This spring a guerilla warfare was waged by both sides.
  • Against them the police of the city waged a constant war.
  • He waged war remorselessly against gym shoes.
  • A dream-continent waged war on itself, and bled.
  • And so Pontiac waged a religious war.
  • The fight at Naini was waged for many weary hours.
  • He waged a war against all the Manitos....
  • Meanwhile Babylonia waged war with Elam.
  • Thus was the contest waged in the old United States.
  • A tale of the Indian war waged by King Philip in 1675.
  • The long war, however, waged with them by Ramses II.
  • Now the war which has been waged to reduce them has been concluded.
  • The contest had been waged between them with unseemly rancour.
  • The war that he waged was short and the battles that he won were not perilous.
  • The coquetry in her waged now an equal battle with her timidity.
  • It was upon this resolution that the battle had been waged the hottest.
  • A successful campaign had been waged against a mountain people.
  • It had been a feud waged between two clans for three generations.
  • For in its own allotted space of time was that battle waged and ended.
  • The liquor traffic has waged war on women and children all down the centuries.
  • And this losing battle was not waged without loss of human life.
  • The pathological struggle is waged between ego-impulses and sexual impulses.
  • In his mind the war was always waged in order to ensure peace.
  • War, as has been observed before, cannot be waged without taking risks.
  • Over his dead body waged a fierce battle, but it was not maintained for long.
  • Like Michael's waged with leven.

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