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  • And the farmers tossed their heads with an incredulous and waggish air.
  • She stood up, and there came over her faded face a waggish expression.

How To Use Waggish In A Sentence?

  • Just at this epoch, some waggish member of the eating club employed his camera at their expense.
  • Mrs. Mills went back to the shop with a waggish caution against too much love-making.
  • For all his waggish ways and darting movements Mr. Fullbloom had a shrewd and observant mind.
  • She was a girl of some beauty, but her face was most engaging from a kind of waggish intelligence that it had.
  • One waggish boy took a piece of human excrement on the end of a stick, and held it out to every one he met with.
  • Scrooge was not much in the habit of cracking jokes, nor did he feel, in his heart, by any means waggish then.
  • With what he imagined to be a very waggish air, Harry put out his tongue, and held it with his finger and thumb.
  • The Phoenix is also very much like an intelligent eagle, with gold and crimson plumage and an exceptionally waggish tail.
  • Here Sir Benjamin grew so waggish that he very nearly laid plump finger to nose but checked himself in time and coughed instead.
  • But one law must be observed: an essay, like a dog that wishes to please, must have a lively tail, short but as waggish as possible.
  • His volubility and waggish manners would have made him quite at home in that assembly, while his orange-colored waistcoat would have given him an agreeable conspicuity.
  • He was not naturally bad, Or viciously inclined, But from his early youth he had A waggish turn of mind.

Definition of Waggish

witty, jocular, like a wag | mischievous, tricky
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