Wailing In A Sentence

Definition of Wailing

present participle of wail | A loud drawn out scream or howl.

How To Use Wailing In A Sentence?

  • It seems like the wailing of all the lost souls of the war.
  • The low wailing love-call of a cat rises from the park.
  • Even now the sound of wailing is to be heard in London.
  • Soon the direful wailing from the Agora ceased.
  • Indeed Verdolay always shrilled with wailing children.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Wailing | Wailing Sentence

  • No use wailing over it.
  • And then wailing began.
  • The wailing was below us.
  • The wailing died into the distance.
  • By most the wailing is a song in moans.
  • These were men wailing for women.
  • A wailing voice replied.
  • Then the other ghosts were wailing on the hillside.
  • Again that mournful wailing of the wind.
  • Hear even now the wailing that is within!
  • A wailing storm hung over the canyon.
  • They heeded it no more than the wailing wind in the cove.
  • At length a sorrowful wailing began.
  • The wailing of the girl brought him to her side.
  • By woman wailing for her demon lover!
  • How strange the wailing notes sounded!
  • By woman wailing for her demon-lover!
  • The wailing assuredly was in my mind alone.
  • For five minutes the wailing persisted.
  • The wailing of the old women had ceased.
  • Night and day within her wailing is made.
  • Only the sea and the wailing of the wind answered him.
  • Only the high wailing of the pines came to her ears.
  • For in his ear was sounding a weird and wailing note.
  • Julia might be weeping and wailing broken-hearted.
  • Now the joy was turned into wailing and gnashing of teeth.
  • Jack was sitting up, wailing dolefully.
  • Now the joy was turned into wailing and gnashing of teeth.
  • How long in the city shall he of wailing reject his son?
  • The sudden, wailing cry broke from her.
  • Her wailing voice caused the baby to wail likewise.
  • Just at that moment a low wailing cry came to her ears.
  • I invoke thee with wailing that reacheth high as heaven.
  • The wailing is for the grain, ears are not produced.
  • By woman wailing for her demon lover...

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