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How To Use Waiting List In A Sentence?

  • During the year 2505 was the highest number in attendance at any time, and then 3000 were on the waiting list.
  • The powers were not especially interested in a brother; there were too many brothers and assorted relatives on the official waiting-list already.
  • People put their names, or the name of their dog, on his waiting-list, and some of the dogs died of old age before the name was reached.
  • The young artist was first among the portrait-painters of Amsterdam, and had a long waiting-list on his calendar, but we find he managed to paint a portrait of Saskia about that time.
  • The Director in turn must send to the Local Office a list of all Scouts leaving camp that any unexpected vacancies may be filled from the waiting list and accounts adjusted.
  • There are only twenty servants in the whole town and they already have a waiting list of persons who want them when the present employers are through with them, which only death or removal from the town would make possible, so you see we have to keep house.
  • Of course there was always a waiting list of youngsters who would coax a few hoarse toots out of the alto horn, and we always had a bunch of kid clarionetists who would sail along grandly through the soft parts and then blow goose notes whenever they hit the solo part.
  • And three months remained, to the end, Ninon's record for fidelity to any one man; which was, perhaps, as well, for the waiting list was as long as that of a hyper-fashionable club.
  • We had never been allowed to draw clothing in Palestine after Yalo as we were on the waiting list for France, and when we arrived at Kantara we were a most disreputable looking crowd--clothing patched and torn, garments showing where they should never be seen, and boots in some cases almost without soles at all.
  • But the famous engineer, well disposed as he was toward giving intelligent, earnest young men who wanted to become mining engineers, a chance, had to explain that not only was there no vacant place in his staff but that a long waiting list would have to be gone through before

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Waiting List | Waiting List Sentence

  • And her waiting list of well-known names is endless.
  • The Cottonwoods had a waiting list, now.
  • I'm next on the waiting list.
  • The school was in that respect like a club with a long waiting list.
  • But you are kind to put me on the 'waiting list.'
  • There were 'almost two hundred on the waiting-list.'
  • "They always have a long waiting-list, I know.
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