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  • I took a walk back in the woods.
  • And she turned to walk back to the house.
  • We had a lovely walk back through some woods.
  • I wanted to walk back with you to tell you about this.
  • Isagani arose to walk back and forth.
  • Drew turned to walk back to the camp.
  • Do you think you can walk back to-night?
  • They started to walk back to the house together.
  • They began to walk back down the mossy path again.
  • To walk back meant a trudge of five miles.
  • We began to walk back through the wood side by side.
  • Will you send him down to me if I walk back with you?
  • If you don't mind, we'll walk back to the hotel.
  • Then we walk back to the Home in a straight column.
  • On our walk back to the Hall we chatted merrily.
  • An hour later they started to walk back to Vale Linden.
  • To walk back to the hotel with it over your shoulder would be dangerous.
  • I'll walk back with you and see where you live.
  • I would walk back and forth for exercise then sit and think.
  • The walk back up the mountain road was a long and tiring one.
  • They turned around to walk back and enjoyed every step of the way.
  • I saw him walk up to the glass, and walk back from the glass.
  • The king was already quite tired, and he did not like to walk back so far.
  • We can leave the catamaran in the cove also, and walk back by way of change.
  • None of them ever forgot that weird midnight walk back to Ringborough.
  • She found Mr. Jefferson beside her when it came to the walk back up the hill.
  • Emma's until he came to fetch her, and determined to walk back to meet him.

How To Use Walk Back In A Sentence?

  • A cold sweat breaks out over his body for fear he may not have strength to walk back again uphill.
  • A number of townsmen also seemed impelled to walk back toward the public square.
  • After coffee the parents walk up the road to a certain point, and walk back again.
  • Afterward he invited Alfred to walk back to the fort with him and return on the following morning.
  • Nekhliudof made no answer, but bit his lip, and began to walk back and forth in the yard.
  • He would awaken when the buggy rolled to a stop, then walk back to Centerfield.
  • They had decided to walk back to Paris; and the market gardener accompanied them into the lane.
  • So, as a kind of peace-offering, she asked Eunice if she would not walk back home with her.
  • A dozen of these, finding we were going to walk back to Paris, proposed to join us.
  • It was late, therefore, night, in fact, when he started to walk back to Grandcourt.
  • So I turned tail, and faced the prospect of a solitary ten-mile walk back to Brownstroke.
  • At other times he would walk back and forth before his picture awaiting the answer to a problem before him.
  • In the meantime he decided to walk back to the cars left in his charge and see that no one was meddling with them.

Definition of Walk Back

Used other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see walk,‎ back. | (transitive) To withdraw or back-pedal on a statement or promise; retract.
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