Walked In In A Sentence

How To Use Walked In In A Sentence?

  • I walked in a perspiration of vexation and alarm.
  • They walked in silence over the rough ground.
  • The man who was blind and walked in dark places.
  • Dicksie walked in front of him, but he did not look up.
  • He walked in, calling to her as he went.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Walked In | Walked In Sentence

  • Handsomebody walked in.
  • I have walked in my sleep.
  • They walked in silence for a while.
  • And we walked in silence.
  • Everyone walked in and did as he chose.
  • He walked in that direction.
  • David walked in a vision.
  • He walked in between the very horns!
  • We walked in that direction.
  • I shut up and walked in again.
  • They walked in silence.
  • Here they walked in silence.
  • He walked in with more than usual precipitation.
  • For some moments they walked in silence.
  • Fred opened the door and walked in.
  • Two ducks walked in during the service.
  • She walked in with an armload of deeds.
  • We walked in silence through the streets.
  • And she walked in her impatience away.
  • They walked in silence for some moments.
  • He opened the door and walked in.
  • For a few minutes they walked in silence.
  • Receiving no reply she opened it and walked in.
  • She walked in a fog of depression.
  • I should have told you that the moment you walked in.
  • For some time they walked in silence.
  • But the believers walked in silence.
  • He had been as easily tracked as if he walked in snow.
  • Two of them carried calipers and walked in advance.
  • Ralph walked in the direction of the switch tower.
  • He pushed open the door and walked in.
  • He opened the garden gate and walked in.
  • They walked in silence for the first few yards.
  • How slowly people walked in the streets!
  • Well, my horse walked in.
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