Walking Along In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Walking Along | Walking Along Sentence

  • They were walking along a ravine.
  • Walking along that path that they made.
  • Near this ducks were walking along.
  • Someone was stealthily walking along the corridor.
  • All this time they had been walking along hand in hand.
  • The driver would be walking along beside driving.
  • I was walking along one day and came up to a big tent.
  • I wor walking along a certain street wot shall be nameless.
  • You were walking along, caring for yourself, but hungry.
  • We had been walking along while Benny was talking.
  • In a few minutes they were walking along the Strand.
  • I saw, too, a figure walking along the shore.
  • We were now walking along together towards Westminster.
  • I happened to be walking along the Boulevard to my hotel.
  • To keep warm I began walking along the road.
  • Anna Sergyevna was walking along it escorted by Bazarov.
  • Isn't that him walking along over there?
  • There were three figures out there on the road walking along.
  • So there had to be other persons walking along to make it look natural.
  • He was walking along a road which skirted his own group of pits.
  • A few bombers were walking along the continuation of the front line.
  • Anselmo was walking along the quay when he heard quarrelling voices.
  • We were walking along a country lane to a turning where a trench boyau began.
  • The men were walking along without much attempt at regular order.
  • Harris was walking along moodily, apparently lost in thought.
  • He landed from the boat, walking along the street to the sea-front.
  • The girl was walking along the shore, meditatively swinging her hat.
  • They then retraced their steps, walking along the windward edge of the fire.
  • How foot-sore and famished we were, walking along this rough part of the road!

How To Use Walking Along In A Sentence?

  • Penny saw then that one of the men had left the boat and was walking along shore.
  • He had not been walking along more than ten or twelve minutes before he came to a sudden pause.
  • Some of them are walking along very steadily, but there are several that look pretty tipsy.
  • The young man after he left home was walking along over the kingdom for a long time.
  • They were walking along the open strip of dry stream-bed at the bottom of the ravine.
  • They were the head chief and his wife who were walking along, mourning for the dead.
  • As the bunny uncle was walking along he suddenly heard a voice calling to him from behind a bush.
  • They skirted the cricket field, walking along the path that divided the two terraces.
  • Sadly and silently they returned, and rejoined the others, who had been walking along in advance.
  • Looking quickly down toward the brook, he saw three people walking along the bank.
  • You know a boy always whistles very loudly at night when he is walking along a dark place alone.
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