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  • That is my walking-out request now.
  • I understand walking out of the sheet of an ordnance map.
  • A strong-looking man came walking out toward the gate.
  • He is walking out with Alice, I think.
  • What was to stop him from just walking out the door with them and vanishing.
  • DeeDee's walking out on me.
  • That was why people wondered at her walking out with Tom Pollard.
  • They were in the stage known as walking-out--or is it keeping company?

How To Use Walking Out In A Sentence?

  • If, while walking out with a friend, you meet another, do not introduce the two.
  • We arose, and, walking out at the door, met soldiers who fell in before and behind us.
  • Walking out on deck, I saw the freed negroes who composed the crew scrambling back on board.
  • They were less circumspect than of old and were walking out the old Mission Road.
  • A reefer takes the Dauber for a flame, The half-deck take the round-house walking out.
  • Successful politicians entered the stalls as though they were walking out upon the platform at a great meeting.
  • I happened to be walking out along the back road just after we'd done breakfast.
  • The older of the more educated workmen spend their time chiefly with their families, reading and walking out with them.
  • For very many years, as she is in the habit of telling me once a week, she has been walking out with a policeman.
  • It was true that he had been walking out to her hotel to make inquiries concerning her health, but he had no thought or desire to see her.
  • Before long, she was walking out with her father before breakfast, with her independent little hands in her jacket pockets.
  • But a poor sort of amusement for this nice young lady to be walking out all alone with a big muff! eh?
  • Ten minutes later, Malone was walking out of the precinct station with the list of addresses in his pocket.
  • What would the folks over the way say, to see the "professor" walking out with a big turkey under his arm?
  • If you do not know this, why did you try to slink away like a thief, instead of walking out of the front door like a proprietor?
  • He turned his head and there, walking out of the cupboard towards him, he saw the figure of a woman dressed in an old-fashioned costume.
  • Walking out one Monday morning, he was accosted by a stranger, who expressed a wish to accompany him.
  • One of our noted tenors, before walking out on the stage, lights a cigarette, takes three puffs and throws it away.
  • I was on the point of trying to save the last remnant of my dignity by walking out, when Anne relieved my embarrassment.
  • For even in this wintry season May was in the habit of walking out every morning with the children whenever there came a gleam of good weather.
  • I do really pity the blindness of Protestants," said he, rising and walking out of doors.
  • They went up there and my Dad just started walking out to the lake and the water never got any deeper than there (pointing to his knees).
  • He rose with alacrity, picked up his little hand-bag, and, walking out before me, no doubt looked a very ordinary person to all eyes but mine.
  • The walking out before breakfast is of course not necessarily connected with this matter, and every one has to judge according to his strength and other circumstances.
  • And they were walking out of the church, facing the great rose window with its blended colours, and the vaults above were ringing now with the volume of an immortal march.
  • Indeed, it is only by walking out at least half a mile that you escape from the aggressive evidences of civilisation, and come out into the rice-fields at the back of the town.
  • The "coming out," or, as it was called in Newburyport, "walking out" of the bride was an important event in the little community.
  • A farmer walking out one day, by chance met Jack Ketch, and jocosely asked him whether he could tell him the difference between their trades.
  • I cried, violently pushing away the table and walking out disgusted, to the great surprise of the people present, who expected me to revel in the deliciousness of the dish.
  • She's walking out on the beach with a young fellow named Fellingham, whose acquaintance we made on the voyage, and has n't left us long to ourselves.
  • Then I was an idle, but eager youth walking out from London; now I was a most reluctantly busy middle-aged person, coming in from the country.
  • I can't describe how strange it seemed to be walking out once more in the open air, leaning on Jack's arm, and feeling myself an active member of society.
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