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  • Father walks over sometimes.
  • The abbot rises and walks over to the fishermen.
  • Old Dan walks over to Khorre and says something to him.
  • And the young man, blessed and blessing, Walks over the shady town,
  • [MAUD walks over to the table toward right.
  • Instinctive Movements._--Walks over threshold by holding on (275).
  • " I walks over to him. "
  • (ASHER walks over to the bench and lays down the open letter on it.)

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  • The walks over Black Patch and Harrow Hill are among the best in the central Downs.
  • And her eyes filled with sudden tears, as she thought of him tramping on his lonely walks over the hills.
  • We're poor men with a living to earn, but we're mighty tough, and nobody walks over us with nails in their boots.
  • Sent for before a well is dug, he slowly walks over the ground, holding the twig erect by its two supple forks, one in each hand.
  • Seventy-seventh week, runs around table; seventy-eighth, walks over threshold without holding on (280).
  • But obeying a certain swift movement or glance of Haggart, Mariet walks over to the sailor and opens the knots of the rope.
  • Gives her a searching look and slowly walks over to the chair at the table and sits down, still holding his hat in his hand and without removing his overcoat.
  • Comrie is best known to the public generally by its earthquakes, and as a quiet summer resort, with sequestered walks over hills and dales and along the banks of flowing streams.
  • Now it was all over and he was going back to college, where Fred would never hear them shout for him again, never feel an arm about him in the long walks over the hills.
  • Great locusts sing sharp in the hedges and bushes, and grasshoppers fly up in clouds, as it were, when one walks over the dry grass which they feed upon, and at nightfall mosquitoes are no small torment.
  • In spite of the gloom of the house, I dearly like the place, and shall be most grateful to Providence to be permitted the enjoyment of frequent walks over the Downs.
  • Mechanics traversed these walks over fuel pits with graceful skill, despite the lack of handholds.
  • But, apart from them, the scenes around are very beautiful; for there are grassy slopes and pleasant lawns, ancient trees and broad gravel walks, over which, as the dry leaves fall on the crisp sunny morning, the feet are tempted to walk on and on, all through the merry golden autumn day.
  • It is a characteristic trait, that he has a great regard for the memory of the Indian tribes, whose wild life would have suited him so well; and, strange to say, he seldom walks over a ploughed field without picking up an arrow-point, spearhead, or other relic of the red man, as if their spirits willed him to be the inheritor of their simple wealth.
  • Dear days of happy idleness; of dreaming dreams and seeing visions; of morning walks over the hills; of 'bread-and-cheese and kisses' at noon, with kind Mrs. Bobby hovering like a plump guardian angel over the simple feast; afternoon tea under the friendly shades of the yew-tree, and parting at the wicket-gate.
  • She walks over to him, grabs him by both arms and pushes him down on his seat, saying, "Bud, you talks too much, sit down now and keep still."
  • Then, even while she walks over the world's rough pathway, heaven's glory may rest upon her up-turned brow, and she may become a light unto her generation."
  • "My soldiers are my children," says Napoleon; and he orders a charge for their benefit; an hour afterwards the dying address him as Sire as he walks over the field.
  • But Doatie, putting on a pathetic little _moue_ that just suits her baby face, walks over to her
  • "Yes, Emily," he replied, "to take one of our pleasant walks over the hill and step in there; but after all I can see how it will be wiser for us not to be selfish in this matter.
  • [_RICHARD in an awed silence walks over to the desk and stands looking down at the unhappy CRAWSHAW.
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