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  • Its walls are unscalable.
  • The walls are only 12 in.
  • The walls are unscalable.
  • The walls are usually of sandstone.
  • New walls are always damp.
  • The walls are of 18-in.
  • The walls are sound yet.
  • On the coast the walls are of brick.
  • The highest walls are 1600 feet.
  • Back next the walls are the sleeping apartments.
  • It may be pointed out that walls are not necessary.
  • The walls are usually quite thin.
  • The walls are made of matched material.
  • The walls are as they were five centuries ago.
  • Some of the walls are fifteen feet thick.
  • The walls are pierced everywhere for musketry.
  • These outer walls are of crude brick.
  • The faces of the walls are smooth up to the cornice.
  • These walls are 80 centimeters thick each and are roofed.
  • The walls are from three to six feet thick.
  • Walls are usually papered in middle-class houses.
  • The walls are about one-half an inch in thickness.
  • Make a tent whose roof and walls are separated.
  • The walls are thick and the shapes are uncouth or clumsy.
  • The kiva walls are about 18 inches thick.
  • The walls are covered with interesting tapestry pictures.
  • These walls are built in stages of some 3 ft.
  • The outer walls are plastered the following spring.
  • The walls are covered with gigantic figures in relief.
  • The aisle walls are usually pierced by windows.
  • In the recesses of the walls are many bouquets in vases.
  • The high walls are modestly tinted a pale green.
  • The walls are rather thin and smoothly plastered inside.
  • The lower island side walls are mostly forested.
  • Their walls are thinner, and of a bluish color.

How To Use Walls Are In A Sentence?

  • The walls are of brick, and the roofs are tiled.
  • The drawing-room is a cave whose walls are of jewels.
  • In the first place, the walls are very high.
  • No effort is made to level it and no dike walls are built.
  • The walls are from one to one and a half feet thick.
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