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  • The walls were intact.
  • The walls fall to pieces.
  • But never mind; the walls were glorious!
  • But Byrne believed neither in walls nor bolts now.
  • On the walls facing the Szamos six mortars are placed.
  • The old windows rattled, the walls shook, and in came Clo.
  • The City is fenced with grand Walls and Ramparts.
  • If any one had a mind to guard the walls he was free to do so.
  • There's all kinds of space on the walls for posters.
  • I came to a point where a break in the walls let in the sunlight.
  • Even the cement-brick walls were false fronts over a metal sheath!
  • Did not your heart sink within you when you saw the walls of Klausenburg?

How To Use Walls In A Sentence?

  • Round about the walls hung the busts of princes and woywodes interspersed with trophies.
  • Breastworks had been thrown up, and the walls of houses loopholed for musketry.
  • Sound waves constantly vibrate such diaphragms as panes of windows and the walls of houses.
  • So dazzling it seemed, that it shed a light all round the darkened walls of the warehouse.
  • The Turkish cemetery beneath the walls of the fortress is planted with cypress trees.
  • It was a large, barn-like place, the walls covered with a coat of grey-blue paint.
  • It belongs to me, and within my four walls neither Prince nor Diet has the right to command.
  • It shed a radiance which paled the light that struggled down between the brick walls through the high windows.
  • I had also to manage as arrant a crew of scapegraces as were ever collected together within the walls of a theatre.
  • The stones of the walls appeared transparent, as if the light which was merely reflected by them, proceeded from them.
  • Round about the walls hung ancestral pictures, with clusters here and there of ancient weapons of strange shape and construction.
  • This transmitter, it will be seen, has two flexible mica washers between the electrodes and the walls of the electrode cup.
  • The walls and columns were covered with splendid Gobelin tapestry of grand designs and rich colouring.
  • We had no more than got fairly between the straight-up-and-down walls of it than Piegan halted us with a warning hand.
  • And so, the deeds that were done within my four walls on that beautiful June afternoon must remain a mystery.
  • Eugene was as desirous of such an event as the vizier, and therefore the troops were soon engaged, almost under the walls of Peterwaradin.
  • And her work was around and within the old "natural-colored" house, whose walls by this time were half-embowered in vines.
  • Never, since the conflict under the walls of Troy, had there been such a chance medley warfare of combatants, human and divine.
  • The walls and pillars stand bare, the roof has gone, and half the tower, whose bells lie buried on the ground amid the wreckage.
  • After that gleam had gone, my work grew dark and dreary, and, for the first time, my walls seemed to me like prison-walls.
  • I could not notice the pictures that covered the walls for the sake of one to which Miss Stuart led the way.
  • Far, very far off, black and misty, are to be seen the walls of Kronstadt and the blue outlines of the still unscathed citadel.
  • The inn of Terracina stands just outside of the walls of the old town of that name, on the frontiers of the Roman territory.
  • I have been assured that the walls of the Quarter will not hold the memorial tablets which we of the present generation are preparing for their decoration.
  • For some miles before reaching his destination his road had lain through a deep narrow gorge, with gigantic walls on each side of almost perpendicular rock.
  • We chased foxes through the woods, leaping stone walls and five-bar gates and all that, and, really, I used to enjoy it.
  • For when we visited them again this year, we found the charred and naked walls as we had left them the year before: the unbelieving dogs had traitorously fled away.
  • In this the carbon element is placed within a cylindrical jar of porous clay, the walls of this jar being of such consistency as to allow moisture slowly to permeate through it.

Definition of Walls

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of wall | plural of wall
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