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Definition of Walrus

A large Arctic marine mammal related to seals and having long tusks, tough, wrinkled skin, and four flippers, Odobenus rosmarus.

How To Use Walrus In A Sentence?

  • My suspicion that the walrus entertains no fear for the bear was more than ever strengthened.
  • At last the man took some ivory from a walrus and carved out five images from it.
  • The natives take them in huge nets made of walrus thongs with a mesh of six inches or more.
  • With much difficulty we at length loosened them by using wedges of walrus tusks, stone, and wood.
  • The meat of the walrus is not despised by Europeans, and its heart is reckoned a delicacy.
  • Here the Eskimos had an ample cache of seal and walrus meat killed earlier in the season.
  • The snuff is kept in a long box, like a gourd, often a walrus tooth, with a long brass mouth.
  • But I did not slacken sail For the walrus or the whale, Till after three days more.
  • Then it had dragged a walrus hide that was lying outside a little way off and scraped the blubber off it.
  • The only materials we had towards it were, as before mentioned, the log we had found and the walrus hides.
  • Ten of the foremost animals had to be shot to prevent mischief, and after a severe struggle a female walrus was lassoed.
  • Clawbonny was right, it was a walrus of huge dimensions, disporting himself not more than two hundred yards away.
  • The beautiful walrus tusk becomes almost an ugly thing when it is thus hacked flat and bored full of holes.
  • On being towed to the ship, the boat and the walrus were hoisted on board, and suitable quarters were then found for it.
  • One of the chief characteristics of the walrus is the presence of two elongated tusks (the canine teeth) in the upper jaw.
  • A bluff man, with a walrus moustache, seated at the same table, said the posada at which he was staying was comfortable.
  • Their strength was so great that they could hold a harpooned walrus as easily as the Inuit could hold a seal.
  • These we felled and cut into twelve-foot lengths, and bound them together with walrus rope, and thus were provided with a good raft.
  • Just prior to the incident quoted below, Annatock had discovered a walrus frozen to death and was engaged in chopping him up.
  • This whip was made of braided strands of walrus hide, and tapered from a thickness of two inches at the butt to one long single strand at the tip.
  • Raed estimated it to contain twenty square yards, reckoning the average girth of the walrus at twelve feet, and its length at fifteen feet.
  • We managed, however, to make soles of a sort out of walrus hide, by scraping about half its thickness away and then drying it over the lamp.
  • While I was on a hummock inspecting the waters ahead, a huge monster of a walrus came up quite near us.
  • After having waited awhile, with my gun ready for the walrus to come up close by me, I followed his example.
  • He implied, and so joined himself across the centuries to the Walrus and the Carpenter, that there were no gods to come.
  • We found innumerable scraps of seal-skins, bird-skins, walrus and other bones, whalebone, blubber, and a small sledge.
  • We paddled and got on well until towards morning (June 14th), when we came to some great herds of walrus on the ice.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Walrus | Walrus Sentence

  • The walrus attains a great size.
  • Sometimes they use the skull of a walrus for the ball.
  • The parts are bound together with walrus thongs.
  • It is covered with a translucent curtain of walrus gut.
  • The ivory usually procured from them is walrus tusks.
  • The walrus and several kinds of seals frequent the shores.
  • The Walrus did beseech.
  • Look at the walrus a duckin' o' the ole woman.
  • A large walrus was swimming straight up the channel towards us.
  • But a twenty-feet walrus could hardly weigh less than three tons.
  • A stranger on New Delos was as conspicuous as a walrus in a goldfish bowl.
  • Neighbor Walrus tells me, for more years than I have passed on this planet.

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