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How To Use Wanders In A Sentence?

  • Celestial-blue chicory wanders in from the roadside and will not thereafter be denied.
  • That is why he wanders so much in winter and passes twenty rabbits before he catches one.
  • The dear child wanders around the country getting money for her old foster-father.
  • Occasionally she wanders into the sewing-room like a young cyclone, leaving havoc in her wake.
  • Who is she who wanders alone, When the wind drives sheer and the rain is blown?
  • The Dom of the present day also sells baskets, and wanders with a tent; he is altogether gypsy.
  • The moon in her broad kingdom wanders white; High hung in space, she swims the murky blue.
  • It wanders off into a discussion as to which is the truer greatness, that of the vanquished fire or that of the victorious rain.
  • She wanders from the path and her dainty boots are powdered with yellow particles from the buttercups which her feet displace.
  • He does not depend on such devices, for he wanders into allegory more often than not without any pretext of the kind.
  • And if he wanders in the streets he will see nothing but tall and ugly houses, all with their blinds pulled down.
  • His movements at such times drive you to desperation, if you are following him; for he wanders unceasingly.
  • At times his mind wanders and he fights that battle over again and calls curses down upon the head of the man who played traitor!
  • This he enters, and immediately his ears are ravished by music which wanders through the chamber like a sighing zephyr.
  • She wanders from climax to climax; she goes back on her own trail; she ruins her best effects by repetition.
  • Megaleep nibbles a bite or two, then wanders away and away in search of another tree like the one he has just left.
  • The eye wanders over the diversified views with unabated pleasure, and rests in calm repose upon its superlative beauty.
  • It is said that twice in the year, at the dead hour of the night, the ghost of a bride wanders sorrowfully from room to room.
  • As to wandering prayers, I cannot believe that it is of consequence whether this poor breath of ours wanders or does not wander.
  • Little by little, accompanied by its young or without them, as the case may be, the bird deserts its territory and wanders out into the wilderness.
  • My eye wanders at this moment from my paper to these lovely gardens lying beneath my window, and I could not feel more regret if they were mine.
  • It is while he wanders about the square, keeping in the light, and always on his guard, that John receives something of a shock.
  • He falls in with the Natives and wanders about with them until delivered by Mr. Howitt's party.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Wanders | Wanders Sentence

  • The gag wanders about.
  • And wanders down the alleys.
  • And wanders here to wail and weep!
  • So he wanders through the year, and is never satisfied.
  • All that wanders and strays Can usefully blend.
  • Then he wanders on, and eventually reaches the Round Pond.
  • The baby calls her and she wanders through the storm to find him.
  • Even when he wanders into error, it is from his search for truth.
  • Thus it wanders from one bride's head to another.
  • But he wanders incessantly, and his partners take care of his affairs.
  • He wanders into a wood, and finds only "thorny boughs.
  • As soon as one of them wanders from its end, it errs, and is degraded.
  • At best, his attention wanders from one subject to the other, and back again.
  • He wanders through the distant glade Where wolves and perils be.
  • It means that the champion of Jewish monotheism wanders into a vague ditheism.
  • As when amid her subject-fields She wanders on from day to day.
  • Weaponless, despairing, He wanders 'mong the rocks.

Definition of Wanders

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of wander | plural of wander
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