Waning in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Waning

1. The waning of physical attraction. 🔊

2. Sure sign of waning powers! 🔊

3. This was the spirit she had deplored the waning of. 🔊

4. Her reflections then were not on his waning love. 🔊

5. She saw how lovely the landscape was in the waning light. 🔊

6. The Waning Hardwood Supply. 🔊

7. Caleb's strength was waning now. 🔊

8. The problem arises very early with the waning of physical attraction. 🔊

9. The first romance of his flight from justice was waning rapidly. 🔊

10. Yet no nobler solicitudes seemed to replace the waning interests of this life. 🔊

11. In the waning afternoon a funeral came wending its way downwards. 🔊

12. The night was dark and cloudy, so that the waning moon gave little light. 🔊

How to use Waning in Sentences?

1. Only the waning of the moon gave indication of how swiftly the night was passing. 🔊

2. Roderick had lifted the heavy head, and turned the ghastly face to the waning light. 🔊

3. The marchesa bounded from her chair; her face turned livid in the waning light. 🔊

4. Gradually the roads lost their white, dusty appearance and grew yellow in the waning light. 🔊

5. He felt that his power in the tribe was waning before the rising popularity of Keokuk. 🔊

6. I saw in the waning light, a man at some distance, plodding apparently with difficulty through it. 🔊

7. In the faint waning light, through which the snow gleamed strangely, mother and son sat talking. 🔊

8. As Christmas fell under the waning moon that year, the place was wrapped in darkness. 🔊

9. Then coming home, I stooped to pick the flowers which grew by the wayside in the waning light. 🔊