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  • It was not want of candour.
  • We want to sweep out by then.
  • I want you to be famous.
  • You want to be alone.
  • I did not want you to marry her.
  • I want rather to surround them.
  • I do want to play that part.
  • I want you to give me that wardrobe.
  • She seemed to want to hear their histories.
  • I want it at least in another way.
  • I have finished them now, and want a game of play.
  • What did I want with either?
  • For I have got two new ideas on which I want your opinion.
  • Mr. Price, I want to speak to you before you go out.
  • Any lad reading one volume of this series will surely want the others.
  • But she was also firm, and said she did not want to be pestered by children.
  • I only told you because I did not want you to think me selfish.
  • Couldn't you have sent for me, even if you didn't want to come yourself?
  • Do you want your clothing to be strong, neat and pretty, or torn and dirty?
  • We want war, he doesn't, and we must give way.
  • You cannot want it all: give us one slice, only one little slice!
  • Suddenly she said, 'I do not want her to go away.
  • I want to go to London,' said Emily.
  • But I want you to listen to me presently; seriously, I have something to say.
  • He didn't want it found on him, and he got word to these friends of his.
  • I didn't sleep any--didn't want to sleep.
  • It's thirteen dollars, and I want the bill made out for that.
  • I want you to meet Auntie," and she then turned again to go, but again halted.

How To Use Want In A Sentence?

  • Susy hesitated, and it was plain that she did not want to say the thing that was in her mind.
  • I shall never forget that tone, nor how my eyelids quivered with the longing want to weep.
  • He says he will give us until Monday to figure up and decide what we want to do.
  • I want neither thy perfumes nor thy spices, nor the throbbing hearts of thy slaves.
  • Do you want your home to look sweet and clean and comfortable, or dirty, careless and unpleasant?
  • But what I want to say on this matter is a secret which the very walls around us may not hear.
  • This regulation relieves want without pauperising, the common garner merely serving as a compulsory savings bank.
  • The want I felt, however, was just a twilight preparation of the faculties for the scene that followed.
  • Now I don't want to sass such famous littery people, but you see they kind of forced me.
  • I want the assistance of your clever wits in solving a little puzzle over which I have spent hours without arriving at a solution.
  • There was a want of unction about his conducting, but I did not know it, certainly not feel it, that night.
  • I want to know whether any one, in strolling through these woods, has come upon a four-footed beast of prey, a creature with a spotted skin?

Definition of Want

(transitive) To wish for or desire (something); to feel a need or desire for; to crave or demand. [from 18th c.] | (transitive, in particular) To wish, desire, or demand to see, have the presence of or do business with. | (transitive) To lack and be in need of or require (something, such as a noun or verbal noun). [from 15th c.]
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