Wanted Them In A Sentence

How To Use Wanted Them In A Sentence?

  • The pupils were supposed to decorate their own rooms if they wanted them decorated.
  • She wanted them to be in the great flux of life in the midst of all possibilities.
  • She wanted them arrested and locked up at a moment when the jails were all crowded.
  • They have done the work we wanted them to do, and no further thought is given to them.
  • She must have things in just the way she wanted them, or she would not have them at all.
  • You wanted them for your own use, so that you might not fail in this examination.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Wanted Them | Wanted Them Sentence

  • He was theirs still and he had wanted them.
  • But she wanted them to be with her in this hour.
  • Rob wanted them hung up on the wall.
  • But nobody wanted them to work.
  • He wanted them to tack up his vines.
  • Lord, how he wanted them!
  • I wanted them to get on in the world.
  • He wanted them to put him on the rack that moment.
  • That is, they lost if he wanted them to lose.
  • They would come back to him later when he wanted them.
  • They wanted facts, and they wanted them proved.
  • He wanted them to be all hanged, then he would get money.
  • He wanted them to confess Him.
  • Old Martha had seats for the play whenever she wanted them.
  • I wanted them to help me hold a Meeting outdoors at 4:30.
  • He said 'No,' and asked me why I wanted them.
  • He wanted them.
  • They wanted them.
  • It seemed to him that again he had the soldiers where he wanted them.
  • Then he said they were your kittens and you wanted them drowned.
  • I wanted them to speak to me with their own national inspiration.
  • Neither did he purchase them so much because he wanted them as to oblige me.
  • He had got such a blessing himself that he wanted them to share it.
  • He actually insisted on carrying them up whether we wanted them up or not.
  • I wanted them to make the long passageways more comfortable.
  • Dalgard knew there were a thousand eyes at his service whenever he wanted them.
  • But she wanted all those things that they had; wanted them all passionately.
  • The boys had taken the dogs because they wanted them to haul their sled.
  • And she would be able to gather her old friends round her when she wanted them.
  • The mother was proud of her son-in-law and wanted them to remain with her.
  • And she always wanted them to act surprised and pleased, too.
  • They could be nice, peaceable citizens until he wanted them again.
  • If he wanted them to hurry, he would blaze the same tree twice.
  • I caught them at every trial, and whenever we wanted them for food.
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