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  • This is not war that he wages.
  • In the great war that has no end.
  • Curse to the war that drinks their harmless blood.
  • It is the war that divides us, you say.
  • This is the War that never ends.
  • This was the last war that Arthur ever engaged in.
  • It was in this war that Arthur presently met his end.
  • Was there ever an instrument of war that had not its defence?
  • The war that he waged was short and the battles that he won were not perilous.
  • This was a prosaic side of the war that had not occurred to the boys.
  • Gone were the myriad sounds of war that had enveloped him before his injury.
  • Now ensued one of the greatest scenes of war that can be conceived.
  • He does not understand a war that is three thousand miles away.
  • The war that had lasted about four years and a half was now all over and gone.
  • It was not so often since the war that she saw her own face lighted with mirth.
  • The result would be bloody civil war that would probably destroy them both.
  • We talked of this great war that was coming, but nobody thought it would come.
  • But the war, that was to change us all, already had changed his views.
  • They said even before the war that he would have to sell Pognebin.
  • The leaders in the opening of the war that ensued were Northwestern traders.
  • It was not until later in the War that a formation of four planes was used.
  • It is a war that would make Snorro's heart glad.
  • Of the first war that King Arthur had, and how he won the field.

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  • It is thought that it is so far from tolerating defensive war that it is opposed to it.
  • It is one of the miracles of this war that not one of the members of that crew was killed.
  • It is one of the most terrible features of war that it must be inexorable by its very nature.
  • This cloud that is coming makes me understand the more awful storm of war that he faced.
  • It was one of the ruinous consequences of the great war, that all this was changed.
  • But he had already learned in this war that those who struck swift and hard were sure to win.
  • Due to the wound he received in the war, that was as far as he could open his hand.
  • So ill matched were they when a stubborn king forced a war that could end only in disaster.
  • But in the greatest war that the world has yet seen this idea received a rude shock.
  • It is one of the anomalies of war that the things that apparently destroy sometimes re-create.
  • It is one of the remarkable things about war that men soon seem to lose all fear of death.
  • Even the ships of war that had done such good service, were sold to foreign countries.
  • It is the place of this "instinct" in the causes and moods of war that we must consider.
  • If the ship is a menace, if it means war, that is your field of action, not mine.
  • But the Government was so wholly unprepared for war, that our supplies were received very slowly.
  • Let us examine the motive for the Chinese taking part in a war that concerned them so little.
  • One can imagine a war that would have obliterated, but not one that would have conquered Dodge.
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