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  • It was war to the knife.
  • War to the knife indeed!
  • Evidently it is to be war to the knife.
  • He was in the war to die.
  • Is the war to last forever?
  • How are prisoners of war to be treated?
  • This is a war to right human wrongs.
  • If they wanted war to the knife they could have it.
  • They sought a war to defend their story.
  • It is part of the hell of war to think about it now.
  • This year brought the war to a close.
  • Do we really want war to cease?
  • The year 1781 brought the war to its climax.
  • You know enough of war to appreciate the risk you ran.
  • That was "the cost" of the war to him.
  • Mean fratricidal strife, war to the knife.
  • To be weak is to invite war: to be strong is to prevent it.
  • This being the case how is the War to close?
  • No, no, not about such a ghastly subject as a war to-day!
  • His declaration of "war to the death" was answered in kind.
  • And on her breast rocked weary War to sleep.
  • He carried the war to within twenty miles of Boston.
  • Well, I accept the challenge: war to the knife.
  • From the Secretary of War to the Hon.
  • War to the knife!
  • Cicero too felt that there as war to the knife between them.
  • To war, to fight.
  • SEE The Cost of the war to Russia.
  • I should never have pictured war to myself under this aspect.
  • But how opposite is the spirit of war to the spirit of martyrdom!
  • Nor will they permit contraband articles of war to go through their country.
  • Educate his conscience till he is unwilling to suffer war to exist.
  • What ought a government to do before resorting to war to redress injuries?
  • Few of us in the army could probe the sources of the war to their depths.
  • They're in this war to make the world safe to live in.
  • It's war to the knife between me and any such prowlin' critter.
  • I at once called a council of war to consider this all-important question.
  • The nation began to demand war to end an impossible situation.

How To Use War To In A Sentence?

  • Everywhere as he went he left word that it was war to the death on which he was bent.
  • It has remained for the war to bring the members of these opposing groups together.
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