Ware In A Sentence

Definition of Ware

(obsolete) Wary; cautious. | Old eye dialect spelling of were. | (obsolete, Britain, dialectal) Seaweed.

How To Use Ware In A Sentence?

  • Brown ware shown in Fig.
  • Und doch, wer doch so wäre wie du!
  • Vergeblich wäre jedes Wort!
  • Waldmädchen wäre sicher eine Hexe.
  • Miss Ware will be wondering what has become of us.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Ware | Ware Sentence

  • Het was een ware volksverhuizing.
  • There ware prisoners above him and at the side of him.
  • Das wäre noch gefährlicher.
  • Brown ware without ornamentation.
  • The ware is coarse and rough.
  • White ware with a band of scrolls.
  • But all their visitors ware not of the same sort with him.
  • Brown ware with decorations in black.
  • As ever ware womans weede.
  • Neuigkeit wäre ihm niemals eingefallen.
  • It is of the class of ware so common in this region.
  • White ware decorated in black and brown.
  • They are all white ware with decorations in black.
  • The brown ware is always undecorated.
  • Dis ware de custom den.
  • All kitchen ware should be treated in the same way.
  • The ware is identical with that of the preceding group.
  • Yellowish-gray ware with dark stains.
  • It resembles most nearly the ware of the maroon group.
  • Beter ware het onverschilligheid te huichelen.
  • They are always of white ware decorated with black.
  • White ware with decorations; of medium size.
  • Hij kent geen ware verplichting zonder overheid.
  • Dat was als het ware een electrieke schok.
  • Voor de meesten ware dit te veel.
  • He looks; all the solid ware is gone.
  • White decorated ware with handles: 2415.
  • The ware is of the dark, porous variety.
  • It ware jest plain hoe cake mostly.
  • Usually brown ware without ornamentation: 1636.
  • Miss Ware followed him.
  • Pitchers, white; ware figured.
  • Brown ware without ornamentation: 1544-1567.
  • I told un you had three live pigs as ware dying.
  • Als wäre nichts gewesen, gar nichts gewesen!

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