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  • His warfare was legitimate.
  • It was warfare of a terrible kind.
  • Using weapons of warfare which post-dated 1900.
  • Men and officers were alike new to warfare like this.
  • His warfare consisted in surprises rather than open combat.
  • Each must wage His warfare single-handed, without moan.
  • We wage no aggressive warfare against any other interests whatever.
  • Underwater warfare is evidently a disease in which like cures like.
  • But the great dread and key to this naval warfare is the modern submarine.
  • It was a partisan warfare on a mighty scale, and the storm was about to burst.
  • But then this warfare for the faith, you know, Is my most cherished dream!

How To Use Warfare In A Sentence?

  • A prettier sight is seldom presented in warfare than that of the advance of the enemy.
  • The Braddocks of warfare are those who at all hazards persist in the course at first laid out.
  • What was this strange new type of warfare that was bringing the Allied cause to its knees?
  • This is a miserable warfare in Missouri; not much glory gained in fighting guerrillas.
  • When the campaign changed to guerilla warfare Kosciuszko fought as a soldier, not as an engineer.
  • The Germans had a fairly easy time in the early days of submarine warfare on merchant shipping.
  • Many summers fared Harald in warfare after this fashion alike in Serkland and Sikiley.
  • What is their industrial and class warfare but an attempt to enforce the doctrine of might is right?
  • The very appearance of the sea showed that our men were engaging in a kind of warfare very different from that for which they had been trained.
  • The unexpected appearance of this document of warfare occasioned much speculation among my pacific companions.
  • Luther was conscious of the difference in the method of warfare between himself and his colaborer Melanchthon.
  • Under modern methods of naval warfare sea control means far more than controlling the top of the water.
  • There is hardly anything in warfare which is more vulnerable than a submarine on the surface within a few hundred yards of a four-inch gun.
  • It was a peculiar species of warfare which was now entered upon, requiring novel resources both for attack and defence.
  • This scheme of sailing vessels in groups, and escorting them by warships, is almost as old as naval warfare itself.
  • For the sake of those who went through this trial and were not found wanting, Tibetan warfare should not be despised.
  • Her voice was often heard in wordy warfare with her husband; and his face sometimes showed signs that their conflicts were not confined to words.
  • Of course, those old times were bad times, but the badness was at least above board and the warfare pretty stoutly waged.
  • As a fortune-teller she is a witch, ever at warfare with the police world; she has a bitter tongue, and is quick to wrath.
  • The German battleships would have been sent to the bottom, and then these destroyers would have been used in the warfare against the submarines.
  • His career as general extended over little more than a year, and yet, in that time, he showed a genius for warfare which has never been surpassed.
  • There was no phase of the naval warfare upon which the officers of the Planning Section did not give us reports.
  • Once, when the mimic warfare was at its height, the weaker force of Hellmuth was routed, and some were taken prisoners.
  • And there was Besten, a sea-faring people who adapted easily to naval warfare with a force numbering one hundred thousand men.
  • Never, since the conflict under the walls of Troy, had there been such a chance medley warfare of combatants, human and divine.
  • This, then, was the type of warfare which the German submarines were waging upon the shipping of the Allied nations.
  • Nowhere will the reader obtain a truer or more graphic picture of the warfare of the kopje and the veldt, nor of the difficulties which our generals had to overcome.
  • This view of Indian warfare being understood, the motive of the hero stories here given, and of many of the folk-tales, becomes plain.
  • John and Cyril engaged in the same kind of warfare immediately after John's arrival at Ephesus.

Definition of Warfare

To lead a military life; to carry on continual wars. | The waging of war or armed conflict against an enemy. | Military operations of some particular kind e.g. guerrilla warfare.
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