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  • Gray received a warm welcome.
  • These islands have a warm climate.
  • What do we call the warm season?
  • Of warm and golden feeling?
  • It was a warm reception they got.
  • It was a warm summer-like night.
  • The climate became warm and sunny.
  • It was a still, warm day.
  • It seems to kiss us with its warm breath.
  • I beg pardon for growing a little warm in my narration.
  • It is warm and fluid, and it is teeming with living forms.
  • A warm heart, she thought, and a loyal one.
  • These Eskimos dress in warm furs.
  • She had forgotten how big and warm it was, even when he sang out of tune.
  • Yet Descartes is a warm believer in the doctrine of free-will.
  • And here it was, warm and near to me, living, breathing, unsuspecting.
  • A man of most venerable looks, highly cultivated mind, and a warm pious heart.
  • The temperature must be kept as warm there as in the Torrid Zone.
  • For all the busy Winter, warm weather hurt the photo playhouse at Fairlands.
  • Quite warm and cosy it all was, with ladies' society and all thrown in.

How To Use Warm In A Sentence?

  • At last we come to a place where it is extremely warm in both summer and winter.
  • What season do we have when the warm summer is over, and before the cold winter has set in?
  • Wallie grew warm every time he thought of such a message addressed to him coming over the wire.
  • The first warm friendships of youth are the purest and whitest flowers that bloom in the soul.
  • A small current through the little coil will warm the wax enough to allow the string to part.
  • The grass was warm and beautiful to look on, and they lingered, prolonging the walk.
  • It is inseparably connected in my mind with the dusk of warm September evenings.
  • It irritated Gray savagely to find how warm and eager an interest they all took in the lost man.
  • A warm heart, it was, thought Joan; despite those speculative glances fixed upon her.
  • Our weather is seldom so cold as in the Frigid Zones, nor so warm as in the Torrid Zone.
  • Even the way she raised her eyebrows made him warm all over with a sense of guilt of something of which he was ignorant.
  • My quality is sensuous and ruled by warm impulses; hers was discriminating and essentially inhibitory.
  • There is something touching in the warm pleasure he remembers and records at this meeting with the professional mentor of his boyhood.
  • All hands held on while the hull upheaved and smashed down on the brittle coral and the warm seas swept over them.
  • Although it has boded for years, it walked at last like an unbelievable spectre into a warm and lighted room.
  • She confided her pitiful history to this new-found friend, who was so kind and sympathetic that the geranium grew warm and happy.
  • I occupied a hut, which contained a fireplace, and would have made myself cosy and warm if the fire had not always smoked.
  • Jaquetta really had come to a warm tender love for her, but she sullenly pushed away the sweet face, and turned aside.
  • It was delightful at first to be secret, a whispering, warm conspiracy; then presently it became irksome and a little shameful.
  • As they do not need large warm homes like ours, some live in small huts made of the branches of trees, earth and straw.

Definition of Warm

Having a temperature slightly higher than usual, but still pleasant; mildly hot. | Caring and friendly, of relations to another person. | Having a color in the red-orange-yellow part of the visible electromagnetic spectrum.
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