Wary In A Sentence

How To Use Wary In A Sentence?

  • He reproached himself for his own carelessness when dealing with such wary adversaries.
  • Therefore be wary lest too soon you fancy yourself a thing apart from the mass.
  • He was too wary to be caught by such a trick, with which he had doubtless been familiar for years.
  • He was in a wheel-chair between two husky giants of Australians who kept wary eyes upon him.
  • But Baltic, wary old fellow as he was, would not permit this without due formality.
  • In the game of making trouble between nations Emil Gortchky is an old and wary bird.
  • He even created the impression that all others were poachers, and that they had better be wary of him.
  • Then the wary veteran scouted in a circle about their refuge, but did not discover the presence of an enemy.
  • Atkins was sure they were sound asleep, but he was too wary to ruin his plans by being in too great a hurry.
  • Only a few moments before he had caught them chasing the ducks until they were dizzy, and stopped them with a sternness that made them wary of him.
  • Dee followed cautiously on, keeping a wary eye on his leader lest some deceit or stratagem should be intended.
  • Mitchell thought this more fun than arranging guests; but there was an element of gambling about it that made wary people nervous.
  • He had been wary and he had known how to wait; and now, it seemed to him, he was to be rewarded for his patience.
  • He betted largely, and was generally fortunate, probably because he selected his men with a wary eye.
  • He was at once cool and exultant, wary yet reckless, with the joyous recklessness of utter desperation.
  • Clara, however, maintaining her independence with a wary eye, had refused to take presents from him.
  • She carried her pink dress into the kitchen, with wary eyes upon the windows, and hung it up as her mother had directed.
  • Then, with many a sly, wary glance at his good comrades, he put on his sandals and laced them up the leg.
  • Belinda, keeping a wary eye on a rusty red robin on a near-by stump, waved her tail conversationally.
  • Trenchard, who was by way of enjoying himself now, stepped briskly down the hall to do as his friend bade him, with a wary eye on the tything-men.
  • The robbers proceeded with great caution, carrying their guns cocked, and looking on every side with wary and suspicious eyes.
  • As he prostrated himself, presenting the cup he had stowed away safely in his cloak, he still kept a wary eye on the slave who had betrayed him.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Wary | Wary Sentence

  • Arnold was too wary to be caught.
  • She was all the more ready to be wary of the stranger.
  • From this time forward, he grew wary and circumspect.
  • Men have become extremely wary of Rome.
  • The wary angel did not comply (Gen. xxxii.
  • He kept a wary eye therefore on Henry and Atwood.
  • Flobecq was wary enough to foresee such an awkward eventuality.
  • He was as knowing and wary as a gray old badger that has often been hunted.
  • We have a wary foe to contend with, up to all sorts of tricks.
  • Lance broke into a trot, eyes wary and alert for sign of his prey.
  • Both had shot a swift, wary glance at one of the upper windows.
  • Tom was a very wide awake wary man when engaged on any service. . .
  • He sought no return fire, but lay in the dip, wary and patient.
  • But I was too wary to advance without reconnoitring the ground.
  • The others, for most part, merely called his tentative bets with wary respect.
  • But Bruno had become as cunning and wary as a fox in keeping out of danger.
  • The wary and skillful Johnston had another army, and he could not be far away.
  • He cast a wary eye on Ronicky; one punch would settle that fellow.

Definition of Wary

Cautious of danger; carefully watching and guarding against deception, trickery, and dangers; suspiciously prudent. | Characterized by caution; guarded; careful.
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