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Short & Simple Example Sentence For Was Attacked | Was Attacked Sentence

  • His eye was attacked.
  • Just at that moment he was attacked.
  • It was attacked and dismantled in the riots.
  • He was attacked on his vulnerable side.
  • The stockade was attacked on all sides.
  • A bald carpenter was attacked by a mosquito.
  • The redoubt was attacked on three sides at once.
  • An instance is given where a man was attacked by a wolf.
  • Morton, too, was attacked on all sides.
  • Then Tela was attacked.
  • May Southend was attacked.
  • In passing through Baltimore this regiment was attacked.
  • Thereupon Florent was attacked by a sort of rage.
  • The next day I was attacked by fever.
  • Mr. James was attacked slightly, but recovered.
  • Last of all Oppianicus, the chief criminal, was attacked.
  • F Shoal where Clifford was attacked by octopus.
  • January 17 he was attacked at Cowpens by Tarleton.
  • Two days later Fort Presque Isle was attacked.
  • While in that condition she was attacked and bitten by some dogs.
  • At the same time the guard outside was attacked and overpowered.
  • She was attacked by a craving to yawn that gradually became irresistible.
  • The town wherein he was lodged with his knights was attacked by the enemy.
  • Ottomar was attacked by his so-called moment-of-annihilation.
  • Some distance off an outcast horse was attacked by thousands of famished crows.
  • One night his house was attacked by roughs, and she had fought with him.
  • He was attacked by dysentery a fortnight afterwards, and in a month he died.
  • At that moment he was attacked by a lion, and let the child fall.
  • Unless the village was attacked, women did not take active part in war.
  • If only because he saved my life when I was attacked by the bear.
  • Towards night I was attacked once again with the intermittent fever.

How To Use Was Attacked In A Sentence?

  • He was attacked for having come so promptly to visit his relative on his return.
  • He had saved the necessary amount of money when he was attacked by yellow fever.
  • I heard afterward that this family was attacked by robbers and all but one murdered.
  • Presently those who attended him could doubt no longer that he was attacked by typhus fever.
  • He was attacked and criticised severely for the statement contained in the last two lines.
  • One of my mules which drank veruga water was attacked by a large tumor on the leg.
  • He was attacked in his feet and arms, which confined him to his bed several months.
  • Caesar, on his part, had but a small portion of his forces at the palace where he was attacked.
  • Macvicar, father of the boy who distinguished himself in the wood, was attacked in his own house.

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