Was Aware In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Was Aware | Was Aware Sentence

  • Nanteuil was aware of this.
  • Bellew was aware of his presence.
  • Elly was aware that she was again not being talkative.
  • He was aware of the answer.
  • I was aware of their presence.
  • I was aware of the audience again.
  • Jason was aware of part of it.
  • She was aware of his smile as she arose.
  • He was aware of his mortal peril.
  • That was the last thought of which she was aware.
  • Already she was aware of practical advantages.
  • She was aware that she was speaking not to sympathizers.
  • She was aware of the difficulties in her way.
  • He was aware of being tired as he had not been for years.
  • Lablache was aware that such would be the case.
  • She came upon him before he was aware.
  • He was aware of movement behind him.
  • Steele was aware of the fact but helpless.
  • Then he was aware that his eyes were shut.
  • Chet was aware that there were many of the things about.
  • She was aware that some ceremony was necessary.
  • She was aware of his eyes following her.
  • She was aware of the gesture in the dark.
  • I was aware that you had that mummy in your possession.
  • He was aware that her eyes followed him.
  • He was aware of nothing but anger.
  • Dodge was aware of sheriffs in their evanescence.
  • Noel was aware of the depression of his comrade.
  • I was aware of the sleeve of his coat under my fingers.
  • Corliss was aware of an inward wince at the action.
  • I think she was aware of their admiration and liked it.
  • And yet she was aware that he was regarding her curiously.
  • Wherever she went, she was aware of them.
  • Andy was aware of a disturbance in the front of the house.
  • Laurence was aware of a jealous devotion in his attitude.

How To Use Was Aware In A Sentence?

  • He was aware that the effort failed miserably.
  • He was aware of it, but did not turn.
  • Hal did so and was aware of an almost instantaneous glow.
  • She might lose her heart to him before she was aware.
  • Gregory was aware sometimes of a pang as he listened.
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