Was Bound In A Sentence

How To Use Was Bound In A Sentence?

  • He was bound to her by every tie of honor.
  • It was bound to be something more or something less.
  • Gay was bound to be master of all he surveyed before long.
  • It was bound up with innumerable old associations.
  • The hand was bound up in a couple of handkerchiefs.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Was Bound | Was Bound Sentence

  • I was bound to own that it was.
  • She was bound to face that again and again.
  • He was bound to rise.
  • She was bound forever!
  • She was bound to see me.
  • Could he be free while she was bound?
  • It was for the prefecture he was bound.
  • He was bound for home.
  • She was bound to have peace.
  • Business was bound to be expensive.
  • She was bound to hear it.
  • He was bound to succeed.
  • It was bound to come.
  • The end of it was bound to come.
  • Skinny was bound to carry a rope.
  • And he was bound to learn what that purpose was.
  • He recovered his senses after he was bound.
  • I was bound to swear not to tell.
  • He was bound to get it from one or the other.
  • He was bound to be hit somewhere.
  • Pierre was bound to get him out of his position.
  • I knew it was bound to happen.
  • Sooner or later he was bound to know.
  • Lavinia was bound to come in this direction.
  • It was bound to spoil things.
  • Where we was bound for and why is none of your business.
  • This was bound to mean the sack.
  • The wrist was bound anew.
  • I was bound to this for more than one reason.
  • He knew so well that this was bound to happen!
  • Every count was bound by oath to appear at it.
  • The king was bound to accept the claim.
  • They demanded to know where that train was bound for.
  • He was certain only that he was bound to strike ground.
  • She was bound to carry out her threat of whipping me.
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