Was Pleased In A Sentence

How To Use Was Pleased In A Sentence?

  • Helen was pleased to be facetious on the point.
  • Every one but the king was pleased.
  • Of course he was pleased about his peerage and all that!
  • I expected and was pleased with this proposal.
  • He was pleased and smiled and thanked her.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Was Pleased | Was Pleased Sentence

  • He was pleased by it.
  • She was pleased with him for that.
  • Pauline was pleased with herself.
  • He was pleased with himself.
  • Dave was pleased with himself.
  • Leighton was pleased.
  • Still he was pleased.
  • Howard was pleased at this.
  • He was pleased with them.
  • He was pleased and shaken.
  • The girl was pleased.
  • Phil was pleased with the change.
  • I was pleased to hear it.
  • Emma was pleased and interested at once.
  • He was pleased with her appearance.
  • Morton was pleased with her interest.
  • Pharaoh was pleased with this advice.
  • She was pleased to escape it.
  • The king was pleased.
  • The doctor was pleased.
  • He was pleased to hear that we had been where we had been.
  • He was pleased with what he saw.
  • The princess was pleased.
  • Grace was pleased and showed it.
  • Zoe was not sure if she was pleased or not.
  • Everybody was pleased and satisfied.
  • He was pleased and proud.
  • She was pleased and showed it.
  • Merrivale was pleased but cautious.
  • Jessy was pleased with his answer.
  • She was pleased with my answer.
  • He was pleased to feel jealous again.
  • The teacher was pleased with the view.
  • On the whole he was pleased with her decision.
  • The trainer was pleased with his reception.
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