Was Sent In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Was Sent | Was Sent Sentence

  • Camilla was sent for.
  • Whereupon he was sent down.
  • Whereupon he was sent down.
  • Government was sent for.
  • God heard it before it was sent.
  • Hawkesbury was sent for as evidence.
  • So the child was sent off.
  • He was sent off to the fleet.
  • Such a person was sent.
  • I was sent to arrest them.
  • The message was sent.
  • Montespan was sent away.
  • The order was sent off at once.
  • William was sent out of the room at once.
  • I was sent with the boat.
  • I cannot imagine why she was sent.
  • The embassy was sent.
  • They was sent everywheres.
  • A message was sent to them.
  • The doctor was sent for.
  • It was sent yesterday.
  • Ives was sent aboard in charge.
  • To crown all she was sent to bed.
  • A man was sent to meet her.
  • Accordingly a summons was sent out for volunteers.
  • It was sent by some unknown person.
  • Food was sent that was not fit to eat.
  • Jack was sent across the seas.
  • Rayner was sent for on board the flagship.
  • The news of his repentance was sent to her.
  • A reply was sent on the 28th.
  • And to the kitchen puss was sent.
  • I was sent on other business beside this.
  • A larger canoe was sent.
  • That photograph was sent for a purpose.

How To Use Was Sent In A Sentence?

  • No, the fowl was sent.
  • When it was sent home a volume was missing.
  • So the messenger was sent to say they were coming.
  • Another was sent on as a sitting-up case.
  • A safety line was sent ashore.
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