Was Under In A Sentence

How To Use Was Under In A Sentence?

  • Another subject of importance was under discussion.
  • Why did you say the money was under the floor?
  • This attempt shows that he was under a misconception.
  • At last the expedition was under way.
  • Murillo was under his patronage and enjoyed his friendship.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Was Under | Was Under Sentence

  • Now he was under her heel.
  • The rider was under him.
  • He was not over when a way was under.
  • He was under obligations to him.
  • Now he was under arrest.
  • He was under canvas once more.
  • He was under shelter.
  • He was under the spell!
  • He was under the cart.
  • He was under surveillance.
  • He was under arrest now.
  • He was under an enchantment.
  • His hand was under her chin.
  • One hand was under her apron.
  • Meanwhile the theatre itself was under construction.
  • To both of them the country was under an obligation.
  • The cruiser was under way.
  • The rifle was under his knee.
  • My rifle was under my hand.
  • Manifestly he was under religious impression.
  • Solid earth was under his feet!
  • The boat was under the quarter.
  • I was under greater masters now.
  • She was under the old influences again.
  • Everything was under the supervision of the clergy.
  • It was under the paper plate.
  • Decatur was under no necessity of meeting it.
  • He was under constant fire.
  • They had heard that it was under way.
  • We decided later he was under thirty.
  • The door was under a deep archway.
  • It was plain she was under the influence of sleep.
  • There was not one among them who was under forty.
  • Ligny was under the spell of this beautiful illusion.
  • The population then was under 1,000.
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