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  • With the destruction of the floating batteries the siege was virtually concluded.
  • The bourgeois of one of these posts was virtually proconsul with absolute power in his territory.
  • Thus every bitter thing which he said against society was virtually self-condemnation.
  • Moreover, this continent was virtually untouched in the popular literature of the day.
  • It was virtually a process of condensation; but the result appeared like growth.
  • Buchanan, however, was virtually ready to give way to the demand of the commissioners.
  • It was said, indeed, with some show of reason, that he was virtually owned by his servants.
  • This was virtually a refusal, but the Consuls did not intend striking their flags.
  • San Francisco was virtually under martial law, and order was wrought from chaos.
  • This was virtually showing how impossible it would be for one tittle of the law of God to fail.
  • Five weeks after the inauguration Lee surrendered, and the war was virtually at an end.
  • By noon business was virtually abandoned, for Clayton was getting ready to go to the wedding.
  • Of anything like self-conscious Indian "Nationalism" there was virtually no trace.
  • With the destruction of the floating batteries "the siege was virtually concluded.
  • We also saw that among the producers of corn there was virtually no waste of energy from competition.
  • The money which she had taken from her capital to make a comfortable home for her brother was virtually lost.
  • This fight was virtually the termination of the war, the enemy never again having shown himself in force.
  • He explained that he was virtually master of a merchantman, and that the owners would suffer loss should he be detained.
  • This extraordinary jargon, couched in a bombastic style, was virtually unintelligible to the masses.
  • The professors might marry, but in that case they could not live in the precincts of what was virtually a military barrack.
  • Learning was virtually dead, the few universities which survived fallen into dreary decay and languishing in poverty and neglect.

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  • I was virtually alone.
  • And such was virtually the case.
  • Ortez was virtually a prisoner on his own ranch.
  • Its power was virtually nil.
  • The surface of the planet was virtually destroyed.
  • He was virtually dispossessed of his rights as patentee.
  • Even the right to strike was virtually overthrown.
  • The Irishman was virtually singing.
  • Then Skip yielded to despair, and Sam was virtually alone.
  • From that time on it was virtually two armies in a state of siege.
  • The struggle was virtually over, and the victim was only waiting his doom.
  • The new postoffice building also was virtually undamaged by fire.
  • His popularity waned, and by the time he died he was virtually forgotten.
  • To hold the line was virtually impossible: therefore he pushed it forward.
  • This advice, if acted on, was virtually condemning the pastors to death.
  • The race was virtually won, however, unless other rioters were met on the road.
  • This was virtually a row over for Kelley, and no time was taken.
  • The Saracen civilization of the West was virtually destroyed.
  • That was, virtually, Mrs. Penton's admission.
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