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  • There was a men's washroom at the end of the platform.

How To Use Washroom In A Sentence?

  • The washroom in our barracks contained a row of sinks where we washed and shaved.
  • Beyond, along the far wall, were the washroom and locker room and lunch room of the workmen.
  • The washroom had a cement floor and when we went in there at night We would turn on the lights and wait for the cockroaches to disappear.
  • There were combs and brushes in the rooms, too, so that if one wanted to smooth his hair he was not obliged to resort to the appliances of that sort that were hung by chains to the washroom walls.
  • It was the washroom of the home, and at noon especially it was amusing to watch the men come up and with much spluttering pour water over their faces and run their wet hands through their hair.

Definition of Washroom

A room intended to wash the face and hands. | (US, Canada, euphemistic) A room with a toilet, particularly a public toilet.
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