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  • Presently Wishful appeared with a galvanized iron washtub and a kettle of boiling water.
  • Your elephants took all my pink lemonade, from the washtub where I had ice in it!
  • The keeper paid the man for the lemonade the elephants had taken, and the man made another washtub full.
  • She was the strangest looking craft that had ever been seen, and has been likened to a big washtub turned upside down and floating on the water.
  • The window looked into a deep, triangular well at the bottom of which was a floor of stamped earth, a washtub and a hen-coop.
  • There was the girl who found it too lonesome in the country and left the garments in the washtub that she might hie her to the great city, the social center of which she was the joy and the pride.
  • There had been a fall of snow; the roofs were white, and he even recognised in the yard outside a washtub which had caused him to stumble after dark the evening before.

Definition of Washtub

A tub used for washing clothes.
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