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How To Use Watch That In A Sentence?

  • Then they shouldered their muskets and continued the watch that seemed to them so easy.
  • She raised the little chatelaine watch that hung at her bosom and looked down at it.
  • It was a large hunting watch, that had been presented to the rector, his father.
  • His son was at present too young and inexperienced to watch that stone, to keep it intact.
  • I have fallen into, from having to watch that old woman, for fear she should be too extravagant.
  • But long habit had made it second nature to watch that face, no matter what else she was about.
  • It was the most interesting thing, to watch that steam-gauge hop up, only she hopped too fast.
  • I told him so, and he said, showing me the time by his watch, that he was quite punctual.
  • Each would watch that tree in turn, whilst the other two went away from home to work for hire.
  • In case a groom is the escort, he rides slightly behind, keeping watch that he may be of service.
  • There seem to be so many who are on the watch, that I am sure you would be detected at it.
  • I would sit and watch that stiff dignity of self-indulgence, and wonder, wonder....
  • Perhaps he had stopped to watch that Oriental who had given Glaucon good wishes in the foot-race.
  • I used to watch that flag, and thank God that Washington had not lived to see it.
  • When I turned out for the mid-watch that night, Trunnell met me at the door of the forward cabin.
  • We had to watch that they did not crowd each other off, but with all our exertions one fell and rolled down a few feet.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Watch That | Watch That Sentence

  • Watch that no one falls.
  • Bid them watch that road.
  • I can watch that other group.
  • Watch that big one break!
  • How strange to watch that working!
  • This was no common watch that they kept.
  • God, watch that sail!
  • As he said afterward, he feared to watch that arrow.
  • I used to watch that woman on the voyage to England.
  • Watch that de Freece man like a hawk.
  • You, Gedge, watch that window.
  • There lay all the pieces of a watch that he had carefully taken apart.
  • A watch that dont keep korrekt time is wuss than no watch at all.
  • And there was that watch, that glitter of diamonds upon her wrist.
  • Time will hatch them, and we must watch that no harm happens to them.
  • Ashe stood arrested, his watch that he was winding up in his hand.
  • About one a.m. a cry arose from the night-watch that the boats were swamping.
  • One thing you must remember; watch that ugly-faced cur when you play.
  • The watch that Lois carried showed that it was a quarter to nine.
  • And I think you ought to have somebody with you to help watch that cook.
  • And watch that Nell doesn't eat the candles off the tree.
  • I can't stand to watch that man talking to Kate.
  • Dave in the meantime keeping watch, that the Indians might not surprise them.
  • I confess that I was mystified why I should have been sent to watch that woman.
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