Watcher in a sentence

Definition of Watcher

Someone who watches or observes. | Someone who keeps vigil. | A guard.

How to use Watcher in a Sentence?

  • The watcher on the trireme was keeping himself awake after the manner of sentries by singing.
  • Many minutes passed before the watcher turned slowly to take in the altered conditions behind him.
  • He would not need a constant watcher beside him after this, during night or day.
  • A careful watcher can see the birds teach many interesting things to their young ones.
  • Perhaps he had done so, although it was unlikely, since the watcher had not seen him.
  • Dosia went down the low, wide stairs with that indescribable air of the watcher in the night.
  • The watcher across the way was moved to whistle shrilly; the other car lunged forward nervously.
  • Surely the happy watcher never thought That he was watching when such joys were brought.
  • If they are followed, the watcher is sure to shadow Jiro and leave his unknown friend.
  • That is how some watcher on Wuthering Heights might measure the long passage of the night.
  • The watcher of the beach rushed to him on his return to shore and reprimanded him for disobeying orders.
  • He was carrying something on his shoulder, which the watcher had no difficulty in recognizing as a small barrel.
  • The whole thing seemed scarcely more startling to the luckless big frog than to the watcher in the canoe.
  • The noise was probably occasioned by some change of posture in the watcher inside, for it was once more dead-still.
  • There was a smudge of brown sugar across his coat, though the watcher was too far away to see that.
  • All fatigue had now left the watcher and, after this disturbance, she did not close her eyes a second time.
  • Do you, when the time comes, take these men and join the watcher at the top of the ravine road.
  • It also struck me that as the main trail ran straight across the prairie the watcher knew nothing about the bridle-path through the coulee.
  • Now, if any sharp-eyed watcher on the pier saw him, he would pass as the traveler's servant.
  • I saw in the visions of my head upon my bed, and, behold, a watcher and an holy one came down from heaven.
  • But the scene from the windows is authentic, and the watcher has used eyes, and ears, and heart, in watching.
  • The watcher in the wood stole noiselessly down to the beach and got out a canoe; then he went off and woke an Indian.
  • The growing dusk had rendered it impossible for the watcher to discern anything clearly; steamer, boat, and men were merely indistinct shapes.
  • Even when, an hour later, Gordon circled toward the mountains on his regular beat, the watcher followed.

Short Example Sentence for Watcher

  • The watcher realized this.
  • The watcher seemed in doubt.
  • But a change had come over the watcher too.
  • The watcher resumed his interrupted progress.
  • Well done, thou watcher on the lonely tower!
  • What dost thou see, lone watcher on the tower.
  • And is that all, O watcher on the tower?
  • What doth he say, O watcher on the tower?
  • Again, again, O watcher on the tower!
  • The watcher tapped the side of the cliff with his revolver butt.
  • But the men were talking, and the watcher strained to catch their words.
  • In each tower a watcher kept his eyes strained toward the black, silent woods.
  • A low sob brought the watcher to Dolly's side.
  • In the quiet, the watcher could hear the trains far, far off across the flats.
  • We thank thee, watcher on the lonely tower, For all thou tellest.
  • It was Dane Grey, and the heart of the watcher turned mortal sick.

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