Watching Him In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Watching Him | Watching Him Sentence

  • Lanpher was watching him.
  • Watching him through the panes.
  • She was watching him.
  • Nobody was watching him.
  • Could he be watching him?
  • Thomson was watching him closely.
  • Alston was watching him sharply now.
  • Mona is watching him intently.
  • Calendar was watching him narrowly.
  • He did not know we were watching him.
  • Morrison was watching him closely.
  • Farland was watching him closely now.
  • Eleanor stood watching him.
  • Ercildoune had been watching him closely.
  • Snorro sat watching him.
  • That was where the police were watching him.
  • They were both in the saddle watching him.
  • All the time she was watching him.
  • She stood watching him.
  • Davies had been watching him keenly.
  • She was watching him closely now.
  • Chatteris had been watching him furtively.
  • For a time she stood watching him.
  • They were still watching him warily.
  • The spectators were watching him with interest.
  • Topham moved and suddenly they were all watching him.
  • She was watching him and nursing her suspicions.
  • They had been watching him for days past.
  • He had been taken up by the man who was watching him.
  • Merefleet was watching him with strained eyes.
  • His father was watching him anxiously.
  • Vita watching him realized the truth.
  • Then she sat apart watching him.
  • Racey knew that the stranger was watching him.
  • He had been watching him when the madman approached.

How To Use Watching Him In A Sentence?

  • Qanya was still watching him blankly.
  • Aurora waited, watching him.
  • He also observed that she was furtively watching him.
  • Penny stood watching him slouch off down the street.
  • Lydia nodded, watching him.
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