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  • Bow waugh, the watch-dogs bark.
  • Illustrated by Ida Waugh.
  • With illustrations by Ida Waugh.
  • SEE Waugh, Evelyn.
  • Bow waugh.
  • Waugh (C); 29Sep69; R469602.
  • Waugh-waugh!
  • Interior design, by Alice Waugh & Mabel Russell.
  • Alec Waugh (A); 2Mar60; R252896.
  • Alice Waugh (A); 22Sep69; R469050.
  • Alec Waugh (A); 28Oct59; R244758.
  • Waugh, Arthur.
  • Mr. J. Waugh Josiah Wedgwood, Esq.
  • SEE Waugh, Evelyn.
  • SEE Waugh, Alice.
  • Translated by ELLEN WAUGH.
  • SEE Woods, George B. WAUGH, ALEC.
  • Here there was a very decided "Waugh!"
  • From a silhouette by Ida Waugh]
  • Edwin Waugh
  • Scott, Foresman & Co. (PWH); 31Dec59; R249360. WAUGH, ALEC.
  • Ida Waugh

How To Use Waugh In A Sentence?

  • As the Rev. Benjamin Waugh put it, he was on the Board to establish schools for the children.
  • A "Waugh," which might be translated "Hear, hear," greeted this statement of opinion.
  • We will name three of these writers, Barnes, Cobbett, Waugh, and our attentive readers can name the other three.
  • Feeling some curiosity as to the true origin of this bit of local nomenclature, I some time ago visited the place, in company with Mr. Waugh.
  • The girl was astounded on my informing her that Mr. Waugh was present; and still more so when she witnessed the amusement which his supposed interview with the redoubtable boggart created amongst the party.
  • Our thanks for valuable assistance given in the translation are largely due to Mrs. Ellen Waugh and Mr. Charles Baxter.
  • Father, when you made the speech to the chiefs, Waugh Kon Decorie Carramani, the one-eyed Decorie, and others, I was there.
  • Mr. Edwin Waugh, in his "Grave of Grislehurst Boggart," gives a vivid picture of this species of superstition as it still exists in Lancashire.
  • Look at Oke there, now, what a depth of stupidity lies behind his brown visage; what bucketsful of ignorance swell out his black pate, but he expresses it all in the single word `Waugh!' because he's a philosopher.
  • ANDREW WAUGH, private, mustered in Aug. 14, 1862; mustered out with company May 24, 1863.
  • Little Bill signalised the successful shot with a high-toned cheer, and the Indian with a low-toned "Waugh," while Fergus made a hurried and therefore bad, shot at the scared flock.

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